Bicycle Wayfinding

Fri 25th Sep 2015

This report analyses the bicycle directional signage and wayfinding systems currently in use in Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions and provides detailed recommendations for the updating of relevant sign standards and guidelines.



Encouraging Halmstad drivers to use e-bikes

The e-cyclist project was aimed at avid car users who wanted to start cycling. Participants were given a bike and helmet to borrow for a period of time. Some 100 people participated in the 2014 project and 300 people in the 2015 project. The participants received health coaching via a blog and a health expert, and also contributed on a joint internet forum. The computer display on the bikes recorded the kilometres and the cyclist who had cycled the most was then voted as Cyclist of the Month and Cyclist of the Year.

Bikesharing and Bicycle Safety

This study looks at bikesharing safety from qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Through a series of four focus groups, bikesharing usage and safety was discussed with bikesharing members and nonmembers in the Bay Area.  Nationwide experts from a variety of fields evaluated these thoughtson bikesharing and safety. Finally, researchers conducted an analysis of bicycle and bikesharing activity data, as well as bicycle and bikesharing collisions to evaluate injury rates associated with bikesharing when compared with benchmarks of personal bicycling.