About Us

The role of the Australian Bicycle Council (ABC) is to:

  • oversee and coordinate the implementation of the Australian National Cycling Strategy.
  • provide a forum for the sharing of information between stakeholders involved in the implementation of the strategy.
  • maintain a repository of information and resources to promote increased cycling in Australia.

The ABC reports annually to the Transport and Infrastructure Council, through Austroads and the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials’ Committee (TISOC), on the implementation of the Australian National Cycling Strategy.

The ABC acts as a jurisdictional forum providing input to Austroads on technical matters and provides a cycling perspective on Austroads research and the development of Austroads publications.  The ABC members include representation from Austroads, road agencies, the cycling industry and bicycle users on cycling issues.

The Council meets at least twice a year and meetings are chaired by a nominee of Austroads.  Meetings are hosted by participating organisations and the location of meetings varies accordingly. Meeting attendance costs are borne by attendees and no sitting fees are paid to members.  Details regarding the discussions held at these meetings is provided on the Communiqué page.

The Council may convene a technical committee comprised of its jurisdictional representatives to facilitate input on technical matters; it may also convene working groups, comprising members of the Council and other stakeholders, to address specific issues. The Council may invite participation from others from time to time on specific issues.

The Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport funds Austroads to provide the Council secretariat.