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Bidirectional Separated Cycleways in City of Sydney

Separated bi-directional bicycle facilities produced by the City of Sydney provide major cycleway connections between the CBD and surrounding localities.  These facilities provide functional separation of bicycle traffic from risky conflicts with parked cars or traffic lanes.

Shared Path in Ecologically-Sensitive Area

The shared path is a 30km new link along the Parramatta River between Parramatta CBD and Meadowbank. It connects with existing public transport to Sydney CBD, and other cycle routes to Ryde, Sydney Olympic Park, Meadowbank, and Parramatta River foreshore.

Raised Bicycle Priority Crossings

Raised platform bicycle and pedestrian priority crossings provides a safe crossing facility for cyclists travelling on off-road paths. This crossing is commonly adopted by City of Yarra, for the Capital City Trail and reduces cyclist travel time (by reducing delay at road crossings) whilst improving cyclist safety whilst crossing busy roads.

Separated Cycleway Adjacent to Light Rail Line

The Swanston Street cycleway is a north-south cycling corridor, where a separated bicycle-only route is provided for cyclists commuting across the CBD.

Sharrow Markings at a Roundabout

This facility creates improved awareness of cyclists on-road in a mixed traffic environment on approach to a single lane roundabout on Raglan Street in Preston, Victoria. Raglan Street is a local east-west cycling connection.

Protected Right Turn Bay for Bicyclists

This protected right turn bay provides a safe turning location for on-road cyclists, and a link within a local 'Shimmy' route through Brunswick. It also maintains a no right turn for vehicles and provides improved wayfinding for cyclists.

Park and Ride for Public Transport in Western Australia

The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia aims to increase the number of passengers it carries on its trains by improving bicycle parking facilities.