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Healthy and Bicycle-Friendly School Roads

The manual guides public officials and politicians in municipalities by demonstrating a series of best case structural measures, which have motivated children to cycle back and forth between school and home

Thu 30th Aug 2012

Best Practices for Bicycle Trail Pavement Construction and Maintenance in Illinois

In June 2012 the Illinois Center for Transportation published a report to provide the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) with guidelines for the structural design of bicycle trail pavement and recommendations for bicycle trail pavement maintenance.

Wed 29th Aug 2012

Look for Bike Riders Stickers

In 2012 VicRoads produced a sticker pack to encourage people to Look for Bike Riders before opening their car door.

Fri 20th Jul 2012

New Zealand Cyclist Skills Training Manual

These guidelines address cyclist training skills to prepare trainees to cycle confidently on the road. The guidelines have been developed to cater for a range of trainees and suit both school and adult training environments.

Fri 16th Sep 2011

Six Cycling Games for Children

This booklet of cycling games for children was published by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark in July 2010. These fun games teach children coordination and confidence.

Wed 7th Sep 2011

Safe Routes to School Noteworthy Practices Guide

This report provides a compendium of projects and practices in the Safe Routes to School Program. The Program was established in 2005 to encourage more children to walk and cycle to school and includes both infrastructure and non-infrastructure components.

Wed 24th Aug 2011

Freight Transport Association Cycling Code

In June 2011 the UK's Freight Transport Association (FTA) launched a Cycling Code designed to reduce the number of collisions between commercial vehicles and cyclists.

Fri 24th Jun 2011

New Zealand code for cyclists

The New Zealand code for cyclists is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices published by the NZ Transport Agency.

Thu 20th Jan 2011

Youth Physical Activity Guidelines Toolkit

The toolkit can be used by anyone who promotes youth physical activity, including community leaders; physical education and health education teachers; physical activity coordinators at the school, district, and state levels; and physical activity practitioners working in health or community-based organizations.

Mon 27th Sep 2010

Child and Youth Friendly Land Use and Transport Planning Guidelines

The first part of this report provides reasons as to why land-use and transport planning should be made more child- and youth-friendly. The second part sets out 27 guidelines that could be applied in the course of a municipality or other agency becoming more child- and youth-friendly in its transport and land-use planning.

Fri 24th Sep 2010