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Active Transport for Childcare Centres

This report aims provide guidance to councils seeking ways to support active transport as a means of promoting positive environmental and health outcomes in their communities. 

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Streets Ahead: supporting children to get active in their neighbourhood

VicHealth developed the Streets Ahead program in 2008 to build on the successes of the Walking School Bus (WSB) program.  This guide encourages kids to use their own legs and wheels for short local trips – and travel by car less – by encouraging them to walk, cycle, skate or run to school and other local destinations.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Cycling-inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook

This guide aims to help developing world cities achieve their sustainable transport goals, through the dissemination of information about international experience, policy advice, training and capacity building and targeted work on sustainable transport projects within cities. 

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Bike Belles: For women who want to cycle

This guide produced and distributed by Sustrans in the UK aims to encourage more women to cycle with information on selecting the right bicycle, commuting, finding groups, etc.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

Children and Bike Riding

This two-page document prepared by the Cycling Promotion Fund provides information for parents about children and bicycles. Being able to ride a bicycle is a developmental milestone in the life of a child.  

Thu 16th Sep 2010

Bikewest’s Bicycle User Group Manual

This 1998 document produced by Bikewest and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in Western Australia is a how-to manual for bicycle user groups.

Thu 16th Sep 2010

Good practices guide for bicycle safety education

The Good Practices Guide, released in 2002 by the US Department of Transportation, was designed as an informational resource for educators and other interested professionals in planning and developing bicycle safety education programs.

Thu 16th Sep 2010

Children as Passengers on Bicycles

This page from the International Bicycle Fund considers various methods of carrying children as bicycle passengers and the appropriate stage in development to become a passenger.

Thu 16th Sep 2010

Tips for Teaching / Learning to Bicycle

This page provides simple step-by-step tips for teaching a child or adult how to ride a bicycle.

Thu 16th Sep 2010