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A Handbook for Bicycle Riders

In 2009 the NSW Government published A handbook for bicycle riders. The handbook includes tips on road safety, bicycle maintenance, road rules and the legal aspects of riding a bicycle.

Wed 5th Sep 2012

Healthy and Bicycle-Friendly School Roads

The manual guides public officials and politicians in municipalities by demonstrating a series of best case structural measures, which have motivated children to cycle back and forth between school and home

Thu 30th Aug 2012

Cycle Rail Toolkit

The toolkit, developed by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), provides guidance on cycle and rail integration for train operating companies. 

Fri 24th Aug 2012

Optimising Bike Sharing in European Cities

This handbook gives comprehensive advice for all three stages in the lifetime of a Bicycle Share Scheme: Planning, Implementation, and Optimisation.

Mon 14th Nov 2011

Safe Routes to School Noteworthy Practices Guide

This report provides a compendium of projects and practices in the Safe Routes to School Program. The Program was established in 2005 to encourage more children to walk and cycle to school and includes both infrastructure and non-infrastructure components.

Wed 24th Aug 2011

Cycle Campaigns in Denmark

In August 2011 the Danish Cycling Embassy released a compendium of 14 cycle campaigns. This catalogue gives an overview of campaigns for adults and children, their goals, how they worked in practice, and their results.

Tue 23rd Aug 2011

Workplace Travel Plans (Australia)

The NSW Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL) has developed a series of resources designed to help employers develop Workplace Travel Plans. A travel plan typically includes support for walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing reinforced with promotion and incentives and the management of workplace parking.

Mon 1st Aug 2011

Workplace Travel Plan Resources (New Zealand)

In August 2011 the New Zealand Transport Agency published an online travel planning toolkit. The toolkit provides New Zealand workplaces with extensive guidelines, a range of resources, and a travel survey tool.

Mon 1st Aug 2011

Bike to Work - USA

The Bike to Work website contains resources to start planning a bike to work event and network with other bike commuters.

Thu 17th Mar 2011

Cycle Tourism Resource Kit for Regional Communities

The cycle tourism resource kit is designed as a 'one stop shop' to provide the key information, planning templates and contacts regional and rural communities will need to develop cycle tourism in their area. It includes resources to help plan, construct, develop, market and evaluate cycle tourism projects.

Mon 27th Sep 2010