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Multimodal Benefit-Cost Analysis Tool For Transportation

This free, online tool developed by Boston-based TREDIS® Software Group allows users to perform a benefit-cost analysis on a multimodal transport problem.  The user configures the system by specifying a range of data about costs, timing, vehicles, freight, financing etc and receives a series of reports.

Wed 25th Sep 2013

Guide to Traffic Management
Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis

Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis is concerned with the collection and analysis of traffic data for the purpose of traffic management and traffic control within a network.  It serves as a means to ensure some degree of consistency in conducting traffic studies and surveys.  It provides guidance on the different types of traffic studies and surveys that can be undertaken, their use and application, and methods for traffic data collection and analysis.

Mon 11th Feb 2013

Best practices for road safety campaigns

This report, published by the World Road Association in November 2012, presents key findings of a literature review of best practices for road safety campaigns, and relate these to actual road safety campaign practices by road administrations and authorities of 14 countries who responded to a survey questionnaire.

Wed 5th Dec 2012

Traffic Monitoring Guide for Non-Motorised Traffic

This report, produced by the US Federal Highway Administration provides basic guidance intended to improve the way non‐motorised traffic volumes are monitored. This edition of the Traffic Monitoring Guide will be the first to include information on monitoring pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non‐motorised road and trail users. 

Wed 5th Dec 2012

Promoting Active Transportation: An Opportunity for Public Health

Citing the growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity, this primer shows how health can be considered in transportation planning and the role that public health practitioners can play in growing stronger and more active communities. It was published in September 2012 by the American Public Health Association and Safe Routes to School. 

Tue 9th Oct 2012

Measuring the Street: New Metrics for 21st Century Streets

In October 2012 the New York City Department of Transport published Measuring the Street: New Metrics for 21st Century Streets. The report details the metrics NYCDOT uses to evaluate street projects and illustrates how measuring results can show progress toward safe, sustainable, liveable and economically competitive streets.

Tue 9th Oct 2012

Locked Out: Transport Poverty in England

Locked Out outlines the growing problem of 'transport poverty' within England. The report recomends ways transport poverty could be tackled by all levels of government across transport, planning and welfare programmes.

Mon 8th Oct 2012

Bike Sharing: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation Report

This gudie explores the evolution of bike sharing in the US, defines success factors, examines funding models, explains demographic and geographic trends affecting the implementation of programs, recommends a step-by-step approach for implementation in cities in the start-up phase, and discusses measures to increase demand and expansion of existing programs.

Tue 11th Sep 2012

Healthy and Bicycle-Friendly School Roads

The manual guides public officials and politicians in municipalities by demonstrating a series of best case structural measures, which have motivated children to cycle back and forth between school and home

Thu 30th Aug 2012

Look for Bike Riders Stickers

In 2012 VicRoads produced a sticker pack to encourage people to Look for Bike Riders before opening their car door.

Fri 20th Jul 2012