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Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists

The guide includes an overview of basic principles of the safety of cyclists and potential issues affecting cyclists, as well as information on how to conduct an road saftey audit and effectively assess the safety of cyclists.

Thu 12th Jul 2012

Active Living Impact Checklist

The checklist supports Active Living as a fundamental design principle for new developments. The tool is designed for planning and design professionals and other interested stakeholders.

Mon 28th May 2012

Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012

This second edition, Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012, updates the field, featuring new challenges and the latest knowledge. Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012 is not intended to be a summary of Danish road standards, but to provide inspiration and motivation for creating more and safer bicycle traffic.

Fri 11th May 2012

Sustainable Recreational Trails: Guidelines for the planning, design, and construction

These guidelines for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of recreational trails in South Australia were published in 2008 by the South Australian Trails Coordinating Committee.

Sat 14th Apr 2012

Open Streets Guide

Open streets initiatives temporarily close streets to automobile traffic, so that people may use them for just about any activity but driving. Open Streets Guide includes an introduction to open streets, best practices, 67 case studies and links to further resources.

Wed 22nd Feb 2012

Healthy Connected Communities

Healthy Connected Communities, released in September 2011 by SA Health, explains the benefits of well-designed Transit Oriented Developments (TODs) in plain language. It is intended for a broad audience, including community members.

Fri 14th Oct 2011

Cycle Trail Design Guide and Grading Guide

The Design Guide draws on a wealth of trail design and construction techniques from New Zealand and around the world. The Grading Guidelines are designed to apply consistent gradings to New Zealand Cycle Trails.

Thu 15th Sep 2011

Safe Routes to School Noteworthy Practices Guide

This report provides a compendium of projects and practices in the Safe Routes to School Program. The Program was established in 2005 to encourage more children to walk and cycle to school and includes both infrastructure and non-infrastructure components.

Wed 24th Aug 2011

Cycle Campaigns in Denmark

In August 2011 the Danish Cycling Embassy released a compendium of 14 cycle campaigns. This catalogue gives an overview of campaigns for adults and children, their goals, how they worked in practice, and their results.

Tue 23rd Aug 2011

Workplace Travel Plans (Australia)

The NSW Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL) has developed a series of resources designed to help employers develop Workplace Travel Plans. A travel plan typically includes support for walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing reinforced with promotion and incentives and the management of workplace parking.

Mon 1st Aug 2011