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Guide to Traffic Management
Part 5: Road Management

The Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 5: Road Management is concerned with traffic management on sections of road between major intersections. It focuses on traffic management issues and treatments related to various situations but does not provide dimensions or other details for the design of treatments as these are provided in Austroads Guide to Road Design.

Mon 11th Feb 2008

Guide to Traffic Management
Part 2: Traffic Theory

The aim of the Guide to Traffic Management – Part 2: Traffic Theory is to provide practitioners with the theoretical background necessary to appreciate the nature of traffic behaviour and to undertake analyses required in the development and assessment of both traffic management plans and road design proposals.

Mon 11th Feb 2008

Manual of uniform traffic control devices
Direction signs, information signs and route numbering

This Standard specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design and use of direction signs and related navigational aids including route numbering for all roads including expresswayy type roads.

Thu 20th Dec 2007

Guide to Road Design
Part 2: Design Considerations

Part 2 of the Guide to Road Design is the guide's second introductory component, providing detailed discussions of three important, general aspects of design. Firstly, consideration is given to the range of objectives likely to apply to a road design project. These include appropriate recognition of transport demands, safe and efficient traffic operations and achievement of balanced provision for the needs of all road users. Secondly, context sensitive design and the associated concepts of design domain and functional classification of roads are considered, and the vehicular, human and road factors influencing design are discussed. Finally, Part 2 concludes with a comprehensive, tabular presentation of the broad range of considerations affecting road design.

Fri 15th Dec 2006