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Bicycle parking facilities: Queensland Cycle Notes

This note aims to raise awareness of the bicycle parking facilities available to encourage cycling and improve conditions for existing cyclists.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

The Bicycle Parking Handbook

The Bicycle Parking Handbook was published by Bicycle Victoria in 2004. It provides information on a range of bicycle parking options for apartments, schools and workplaces.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

ACT Bicycle Parking Guidelines

The ACT Land and Planning Authority released these guidelines in November 2006. The guidelines aim to reduce barriers to cycling by ensuring safe and convenient end-of-trip facilities are available at residences as well as common commuting and recreational destinations.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

LANDCOM - Street Design Guidelines

This set of guidelines was issued in 2008 by Landcom, the New South Wales Government's property developer and are intended for Landcom developers and their partners, such as local councils, as a useful tool in thinking about the design and use of streets in new developments.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

NSW Bicycle Storage Areas and Advanced Bicycle Stop Lines

These Technical Directions were published in July 2009 to outline new road rules relating to Bicycle Storage Areas and Advanced Bicycle Stop Lines in New South Wales.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Queensland Transport: Technical information for cycling

This series of notes is designed to assist planners and engineers provide for cycling in their local area. Topics covered in these notes include: Planning for Cycling, Design and Engineering, Operation and Management and Bicycle Singage Guidelines.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

VicRoads Cycle Note No. 21: Widths of Off-Road Shared Use Paths

The purpose of this May 2010 edition of Vic Roads' Cycle Notes is to provide guidance on the width of off-road shared use paths. In particular, it relates the widths of paths to the volume of cyclists and pedestrians who use the path. Guidance is also provided on the circumstances underwhich consideration should be given to separating cyclistsfrom pedestrians.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

VicRoads Cycle Note 19: Providing for Cyclists within Bus Lanes

The purpose of this 2006 edition of VicRoads' Cycle Notes is to provide guidance on providing for cyclists within bus lanes.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

VicRoads Cycle Note 18: Providing Smooth Cycle Routes

This 2006 VicRoads Cycle Note Cycle Notes outlines the importance of providing cycle routes free of surface imperfections, such as potholes and drainage grates.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

VicRoads Cycle Note 17: Teminal Treatments for Off Road and Shared Paths

This 2005 VicRoads Cycle Note outlines the purpose and design provision of terminal treatments for off-road and shared pathways.

Fri 17th Sep 2010