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Increasing Walking & Bicycling

This resource describes different types of policies that local governments can use to increase bicycling and walking within their communities.

Thu 15th Jan 2015

VicRoads: Traffic Engineering Manual Volume 1
Chapter 7 - Speed Zoning Guidelines

This Chapter is a VicRoads Supplement to the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and the Austroads Guide to Road Safety. The primary source of guidance on this topic comes from the Austroads Guides. However, for the practice of traffic management in Victoria, this Supplement takes precedence to the extent of any conflict between the documents.

Tue 19th Nov 2013

UK Department of Transport
Setting local speed limits

This speed limit appraisal tool will help councils to assess the full costs and benefits of any proposed local speed limit schemes. As well as casualties and other traffic effects, the tool considers effects that cannot be monetised, such as those that enhance quality of life.

Fri 18th Jan 2013

Vehicle Standard 2005
Australian Design Rule - Definitions and Vehicle Categories

The Australian Design Rules definitions were amended in May 2012 to include Pedelecs. Pedelecs are defined as 'a vehicle meeting European Committee for Standardization EN 15194:2009 or EN 15194:2009+A1:2011 Cycles - Electrically power assisted cycles - EPAC Bicycles'.

Mon 16th Jul 2012

Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012

This second edition, Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012, updates the field, featuring new challenges and the latest knowledge. Collection of Cycle Concepts 2012 is not intended to be a summary of Danish road standards, but to provide inspiration and motivation for creating more and safer bicycle traffic.

Fri 11th May 2012

Freight Transport Association Cycling Code

In June 2011 the UK's Freight Transport Association (FTA) launched a Cycling Code designed to reduce the number of collisions between commercial vehicles and cyclists.

Fri 24th Jun 2011

Australian Road Rules

The Australian Road Rules contain the basic rules of the road for motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, passengers and others. They are ‘model laws’ that were initially created in 1999 under an agreement under which each Australian state and territory agreed that it would adopt the Rules into its laws. 

Tue 21st Dec 2010

VicRoads - Cyclist Safety

This section has information and advice for cyclists about how to ride safely and responsibly.

Thu 16th Sep 2010

Children and Bike Riding

This two-page document prepared by the Cycling Promotion Fund provides information for parents about children and bicycles. Being able to ride a bicycle is a developmental milestone in the life of a child.  

Thu 16th Sep 2010