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America’s Rails with Trails

This guide is a resource for planners, agencies and advocates on trails along active railroad corridors.  It examines the charactistics of 88 existing rails-with-trails in 33 states, based on a survey of trail managers and the results of Rail Trails Commision's ongoing study.  It provides a collection of data, examples and practical tools to assist trail planners and advocates in increasing awareness of the rail-with-trail concept.

Mon 16th Dec 2013

Minnesota’s Best Practices for Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety

The practices in this guide provide an overview of the current general state of the practice in Minnesota relating to the design and operation of pedestrian and bicycle-related facilities. 

Sun 13th Oct 2013

Guide to Traffic Management
Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis

Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis is concerned with the collection and analysis of traffic data for the purpose of traffic management and traffic control within a network.  It serves as a means to ensure some degree of consistency in conducting traffic studies and surveys.  It provides guidance on the different types of traffic studies and surveys that can be undertaken, their use and application, and methods for traffic data collection and analysis.

Mon 11th Feb 2013

Benefits for real estate developers, investors, businesses and local governments
Smart growth and economic success

This report by the US Environmental Protection Agency informs developers, businesses, local governments, and other stakeholders about the economic advantages of smart growth development - development that is compact, walkable, and diverse. Walkable development frequently makes cycling appealing and conventient.

Wed 5th Dec 2012

Urban design protocol for Australian cities

The document and website provide a plain-English ‘how-to’ guide and check list for decision makers and professionals whose work affects the built environment as well as members of the public who care about the design of their local community. 

Sun 2nd Dec 2012

Guidelines and Online Planning Tool
How to Prepare a Bike Plan

This guideline and online tool was published by NSW Roads and Maritime Services. The guide, predominately for local councils, can be used by anyone who wants to develop a bike plan, for example schools, hospitals, universities and businesses. The online tool is designed to work in conjunction with the guideline and will help create, organise and manage the delivery of a bike plan.

Sat 17th Nov 2012

Promoting Active Transportation: An Opportunity for Public Health

Citing the growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity, this primer shows how health can be considered in transportation planning and the role that public health practitioners can play in growing stronger and more active communities. It was published in September 2012 by the American Public Health Association and Safe Routes to School. 

Tue 9th Oct 2012

NACTO Urban Street Design Guide Overview

In October 2012 the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) released the Urban Street Design Guidebook. The Guide documents the design principles and strategies that the USA's largest cities are adopting to confront new and growing demands on their streets. It showcases a new model for streets that work better for people, bikes, transit and cities. 

Tue 9th Oct 2012

Locked Out: Transport Poverty in England

Locked Out outlines the growing problem of 'transport poverty' within England. The report recomends ways transport poverty could be tackled by all levels of government across transport, planning and welfare programmes.

Mon 8th Oct 2012

Planning Checklist for Cycling

The Planning Checklist for Cycling was published by Bicycle Network Victoria in October 2012. The document is designed to enable professionals to plan and design healthy suburbs with comprehensive cycling networks for residents and visitors.The checklist is based on the requirements of the Victorian Planning Provisions and associated engineering design guidelines.

Tue 2nd Oct 2012