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The Innovative DOT: A handbook of policy and practice

The publication outlines a variety of progressive transportation ideas, recognises the crucial connection between transportation and development policy, makes the case for Department of Transport (DOT) involvement in land use decision-making, and proposes ways to improve access to cycling, walking and public transport.

Tue 25th Sep 2012

Managing Mountain Biking

Published by the International Mountain Biking Association, this guide provides advice about overcoming user conflict, minimising environmental impact, managing risk, and providing technically challenging riding for all levels.

Fri 21st Sep 2012

Cycling in the Netherlands

This report procides an overview of bicycle use and bicycle policy in the Netherlands. It includes case studies relating to cycling to work, school and the shops, spatial planning, end of trip facilities and infrastructure treatments. 

Thu 20th Sep 2012

Manual for Streets

The Manual for Streets was published by the UK Department for Transport in 2007. The Manual emphasises that streets should be places in which people want to live and spend time in, and are not just transport corridors.

Fri 14th Sep 2012

Shared Use Routes for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Shared use schemes require careful consideration and this Local Transport Note provides advice on their planning, design and provision. The report suggests a scheme development process to help in deciding if shared use is appropriate for any given situation and stresses the importance of high quality inclusive design that addresses the needs of all users.

Fri 14th Sep 2012

Bike Sharing: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation Report

This gudie explores the evolution of bike sharing in the US, defines success factors, examines funding models, explains demographic and geographic trends affecting the implementation of programs, recommends a step-by-step approach for implementation in cities in the start-up phase, and discusses measures to increase demand and expansion of existing programs.

Tue 11th Sep 2012

Streets for People: Compendium for South Australian Practice

The Compendium of South Australian Practice aims to assist professionals and authorities grappling with the dilemmas of creating people-friendly streets whilst meeting the requirements of national standards and regulations applicable to streets and roads.

Fri 31st Aug 2012

Making Bicycling and Walking a Norm for Transportation Agencies: Best Practices for Bicycle and Pede

In August 2012 the League of American Bicyclists published a best practice guide for Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees

Fri 31st Aug 2012

Healthy and Bicycle-Friendly School Roads

The manual guides public officials and politicians in municipalities by demonstrating a series of best case structural measures, which have motivated children to cycle back and forth between school and home

Thu 30th Aug 2012

The Hovenring: suspended circular cycle bridge

In June 2012 a circular suspension bridge, fully separating bicycle and motor vehicles through a major road junction, opened near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The bridge, the first of its kind, was designed to  improve traffic flow and safety of all road users.

Wed 29th Aug 2012