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Best Practices for Bicycle Trail Pavement Construction and Maintenance in Illinois

In June 2012 the Illinois Center for Transportation published a report to provide the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) with guidelines for the structural design of bicycle trail pavement and recommendations for bicycle trail pavement maintenance.

Wed 29th Aug 2012

AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities

This guide provides information on how to accommodate bicycle travel and operations in most riding environments. It is intended to present sound guidelines that result in facilities that meet the needs of bicyclists and other highway users.

Mon 27th Aug 2012

Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic (CROW)

The Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic is the design guideline used in the Netherlands. It was published in English in June 2007 by CROW. It describes, in detail, the steps required to create bicycle-friendly infrastructure. 

Mon 27th Aug 2012

AS 2890.3-1993 Parking facilities - Bicycle parking facilities

This Standard sets out the requirements for the layout, design and security of bicycle parking facilities. It applies to the design of parking facilities in any location, either on-street or off-street.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

VicRoads Cycle Notes

VicRoads' Cycle Notes is a series of information bulletins on design standards for cycling infrastructure.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

Queensland Technical information for cycling

This series of Cycle Notes, by Transport and Main Roads (TMR) in Queensland is designed to assist planners and engineers provide for cycling in their local area.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

NSW Bicycle Guidelines

The NSW Bicycle Guidelines assist road designers, engineers and planners to design and construct high-quality bicycle transport facilities for the people of NSW

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

New South Wales Traffic and Transport Technical Directions

These documents are the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the Roads and Traffic Authority) complementary documents to the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and the Australian Standards AS1742, 1743 & 2890.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

Western Australia Pedestrian and Cyclists Standards/Guidelines

Main Roads Western Australia has produced a series of guidelines and standards relating to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. This webpage includes links to guideline documents and drawings.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

AS 1742.9-2000 Manual of uniform traffic control devices - Bicycle facilities

AS1742.9-2000 Bicycle Facilities specifies the requirements for the signs, pavement markings and other devices to be applied to bicycle facilities both on the road and on paths separate from the road, either for the exclusive use of bicycles or joint use with other users.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012