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Innovative Cycling Facilities for Interchanges

This guideline provides an outline of the benefits and costs of installing cycling facilities at public transport interchanges.

Tue 7th Feb 2012

A Guide to Urban Transport Innovation

The Guide has a section on cycling facilities and case studies demonstrating bicycle storage, combining cycling with public transport, and public bicycle schemes.

Tue 7th Feb 2012

Better Streets, Better Cities: A Guide to Urban Street Design

This guide to street design in urban India illustrates ways that good design can help create safer streets and more livable public spaces and urges planners to explore approaches that prioritise the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.

Fri 13th Jan 2012

Active Design Guidelines

The publication was released in 2010 and provides architects and urban designers with a manual of strategies for creating healthier buildings, streets, and urban spaces, based on the latest academic research and best practices in the field.

Thu 12th Jan 2012

Think Cycling: A Guide for Local Authorities

This short guide demonstrates how to make effective, low-cost investment in cycling and includes a series of good practice case studies.

Fri 23rd Dec 2011

Bicycle parking manual

The Danish Cyclists Federation published their Bicycle Parking Manual in 2008. This comprehensive reference is divided into three main parts:guidelines and recommendations; manual; and inspiration and useful examples.

Wed 14th Dec 2011

Optimising Bike Sharing in European Cities

This handbook gives comprehensive advice for all three stages in the lifetime of a Bicycle Share Scheme: Planning, Implementation, and Optimisation.

Mon 14th Nov 2011

Transit-oriented Developments Health Lens

This Guide provides planners, public and environmental health professionals, designers and engineers with an agreed evidence base which links the quality and form of the built environment with the health and well-being of the community.

Fri 14th Oct 2011

Healthy Connected Communities

Healthy Connected Communities, released in September 2011 by SA Health, explains the benefits of well-designed Transit Oriented Developments (TODs) in plain language. It is intended for a broad audience, including community members.

Fri 14th Oct 2011

Cycle Trail Design Guide and Grading Guide

The Design Guide draws on a wealth of trail design and construction techniques from New Zealand and around the world. The Grading Guidelines are designed to apply consistent gradings to New Zealand Cycle Trails.

Thu 15th Sep 2011