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Forecasting demand for bicycle facilities

This guide, published by Austroads, examines methods by which demand for cycling under different conditions can be estimated, and provides a framework for analysing data to develop demand forecasts for bicycle use. The guide is based on an international review of literature with an Australian focus on the purposes, advantages, limitations and methods of demand forecasting.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Planning guidelines for walking and cycling, Department of Planning NSW

These planning guidelines are designed to assist local government, community groups and the development sector to better plan for walking and cycling. The guidelines include information, concepts, case studies and illustrations aimed at facilitating the development of pedestrian and bicycle friendly communities.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Pedestrian and bicycle planning: A guide to best practice

Published by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, this is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to achieve better planning outcomes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Cycling-inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook

This guide aims to help developing world cities achieve their sustainable transport goals, through the dissemination of information about international experience, policy advice, training and capacity building and targeted work on sustainable transport projects within cities. 

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Bikeability Toolkit (Australia)

This 2006 resource created by the Bicycle Federation of Australia provides a practical checklist and relevant resources to assist local and state governments, as well as developers and community groups to improve the physical and social conditions for cycling.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Guide to Promoting Bicycle on Federal Lands

This 2008 ‘Guide to promoting bicycling on federal lands’ was published by the US Federal Highway Administration.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

Bicycle Parking, Storage and Changing Facilities

The website provides a guide to the multitude of factors requiring consideration when developing end of trip facilities.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

End-of-trip facilities for bicycle riders: Queensland Cycle Notes

This note seeks to show why quality end-of-trip facilities are important, illustrate ways to encourage their development and explain how to stimulate use of these facilities.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

The Bicycle Parking Handbook

The Bicycle Parking Handbook was published by Bicycle Victoria in 2004. It provides information on a range of bicycle parking options for apartments, schools and workplaces.

Mon 20th Sep 2010

ACT Bicycle Parking Guidelines

The ACT Land and Planning Authority released these guidelines in November 2006. The guidelines aim to reduce barriers to cycling by ensuring safe and convenient end-of-trip facilities are available at residences as well as common commuting and recreational destinations.

Mon 20th Sep 2010