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City of Melbourne Transport Strategy

The strategy has six key directions which represent the most important aspects of this strategy and outline the areas in which the City of Melbourne’s advocacy and actions will be concentrated.

Fri 16th Mar 2012

NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

The Master Plan sets a clear direction for transport in NSW for the next 20 years, bringing together all modes of transport, across all regions of the state.

Fri 16th Mar 2012

Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan

This plan is intended to guide the development and maintenance of a comprehensive bicycle network and set of programs throughout the unincorporated communities of the County of Los Angeles for 20 years (2012 to 2032).

Thu 1st Mar 2012

The City of Copenhagen’™s Bicycle Strategy 2011-2025

These initiatives and plans are intended to help Copenhagen reach the goal to become the world's best bicycle city before the end of 2015.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Cycling Policy

This policy sets the framework for providing and managing cycling experiences in National Parks in New South Wales.

Mon 10th Oct 2011

Tasmania’s plan for physical activity 2011-2021

The Tasmanian Plan for Physical Activity 2011-2021 aims to increase the rates of participation in physical activity by different age groups by 10 per cent by 2021.

Thu 6th Oct 2011

Gosford City Council Draft Bike Plan 2011

The plan provides strategic guidance in the delivery of a safe, well connected and comfortable cycling environment. Initiatives include recommended projects, programs and policies to encourage cycling for the next 10 years and beyond.

Fri 30th Sep 2011

Port Phillip Bike Plan 2011-2020

The City of Port Phillip in Victoria adopted their Bike Plan 2011-2020 in August 2011. The plan was adopted at the same time as a Sustainable Transport Strategy and Walk Plan. 

Fri 30th Sep 2011

Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011-2021

The Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011-2021, sets the direction for cycling to achieve this vision and get more people on bikes for school, work, leisure and shopping trips. 

Thu 22nd Sep 2011

Victorian Cycle Tourism Action Plan 2011-2015

Victoria's Cycle Tourism Action Plan 2011-2015 was released in July 2011 by Tourism Victoria to position Victoria as the leading state for cycle tourism, and outline how the Government will leverage and enhance opportunities in cycle tourism.

Fri 22nd Jul 2011