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Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport: draft report for discussion

The draft report explores how the Australian Government can work with other governments, business and the community to encourage and support walking and riding as part of the transport systems in Australia's cities and towns. The Department of Infrastructure and Transport is seeking feedback on the report which will guide the Department's policy development process. Submissions are open until 5pm, 31 January 2013.

Tue 9th Oct 2012

Cycle Plan 2029

The plan proposes to make Perth a cycle-friendly city through development of a strategic cycle network which includes key north-south and east-west cycle routes.

Mon 6th Aug 2012

Transport for a Sustainable City

This strategy provides the foundation for Canberra's transport planning for the next 20 years. It updates and replaces the 2004 Sustainable Transport Plan and will sit alongside an updated and refreshed Canberra Spatial Plan, now known as the ACT Planning Strategy.

Sun 5th Aug 2012

San Diego Bicycle Masterplan

The policies in the Bicycle Master Plan address all issues related to San Diego's bikeways such as planning, community involvement, utilization of existing resources, facility design, safety and education, funding and more.

Thu 31st May 2012

Connecting our City; Transport Strategies and Actions

In March 2012 the City of Sydney released a framework for action to improve transport and access in the City. The report provides detailed transport statistics.

Thu 19th Apr 2012

Adelaide Bicycle Action Plan 2011-13

Adelaide City Council's Bicycle Action Plan 2011-13 is an interim plan to ensure that the Council’s and State Government’s investments in cycling in the city are maintained prior to the completion of a new Integrated Movement Strategy for the City of Adelaide.

Wed 4th Apr 2012

City of Melbourne Transport Strategy

The strategy has six key directions which represent the most important aspects of this strategy and outline the areas in which the City of Melbourne’s advocacy and actions will be concentrated.

Fri 16th Mar 2012

NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

The Master Plan sets a clear direction for transport in NSW for the next 20 years, bringing together all modes of transport, across all regions of the state.

Fri 16th Mar 2012

Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan

This plan is intended to guide the development and maintenance of a comprehensive bicycle network and set of programs throughout the unincorporated communities of the County of Los Angeles for 20 years (2012 to 2032).

Thu 1st Mar 2012

Tasmania’s plan for physical activity 2011-2021

The Tasmanian Plan for Physical Activity 2011-2021 aims to increase the rates of participation in physical activity by different age groups by 10 per cent by 2021.

Thu 6th Oct 2011