Australian Local Government Bicycle Account 2007

Sat 20th Oct 2007

The Australian Local Government Bicycle Account aims to provide information that describes the work that is being done by local government to encourage cycling.  The survey is conducted by the Australian Bicycle Council (ABC) and the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).

The key results from the 2007 Australian Local Government Bicycle Account were:

  • A significant investment in cycling has been made by the respondent local government authorities. Expenditure is in excess of $37 million per  annum on bicycle-related programs.
  • Each local government has on average 30km of existing off-road facilities and 21km of existing on-road facilities.
  • Local government requires support to further develop cycling infrastructure and programs, e.g. a web-based cycling resource centre.
  • Local government is consistently integrating cycling into its core business activities, road works and planning.
  • Promotion of cycling, primarily through the provision of cycling maps to the public, is very common, however, consultation with stakeholders is uncommon.
  • A high rate of difference was noted on almost all aspects of cycling between the metropolitan and the regional/rural local government areas.  Metropolitan local governments were more likely to have: staff dedicated to cycling related activities; bike fleets for staff; higher levels of expenditure per annum; and almost double the amount of existing networks.

Cycling Survey of Australian Local Governments 2007
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