National Cycling Strategy 1999-2004

Sat 19th Dec 1998

The National Cycling Strategy 1999-2004 aims to increase cycling for transport and recreation to enhance the well-being of all Australians. The target outcome is to double bicycle use by the year 2004.

Australia Cycling has 6 objectives that embrace coordination, integration, facilities, safety, information and education. These objectives are listed below and each one is expanded into strategies in the full strategy linked below.

  • Objective 1 - Australia Cycling is implemented and reviewed in a coordinated and collaborative manner.
  • Objective 2 - Policy and planning integrates cycling as a valued element.
  • Objective 3 - Facilities exist that support increased cycling.
  • Objective 4 - Safety for cyclists, on and off road, is continuously improved.
  • Objective 5 - The benefits of cycling are recognised by decision makers and the Australian community.
  • Objective 6 - Cycling is incorporated into all appropriate areas of education, training and professional development.

National Cycling Strategy 1999 – 2004