National Cycling Strategy 2005-2010

Sun 12th Dec 2004

The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2005-2010 provides the coordinating framework that identifies responsibilities that lie with the various governments of all levels, community and industry stakeholders to encourage and facilitate increased cycling in Australia. It set out actions, with targets, timeframes and resources that will ensure the continued growth of this important component of Australia’s transport system.

The overarching priority areas that follow encompass the actions that will lead to the vision of this Strategy becoming a reality – More cycling, to enhance the well-being of all Australians. (Priorities are not listed in order of importance, with each area being given equal emphasis within this Strategy).

  • Improved Coordination - Improve coordination of activities relevant to increased cycling in the appropriate portfolios of Australian, state, territory and local government.
  • Integrated Planning - Include cycling as an essential component in integrated transport and land use planning in all spheres of government.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities - Create infrastructure and facilities that support increased cycling.
  • Road Safety - Enable and encourage safe cycling.
  • Cycling Support and Promotion - Provide leadership, and develop partnerships, to support and promote cycling in Australia.
  • Increased Professional Capacity - Develop the skills needed to undertake actions that will increase cycling.

National Cycling Strategy 2005 – 2010