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Bicycle Education for Children Evaluation of a Program in Montreal

The purpose of this study was to evaluate an on- and off-bicycle education program for school-aged children in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to understand how education influences the cycling behavior and attitudes of children and parents.

Thu 25th May 2017

Evaluating bicyclists’ risk perception using video clips

This study investigates the risk perception of bicyclists in a city environment, comparing the difference between frequent and infrequent bicyclists.

Wed 14th Sep 2016

Parental fear: a barrier to the independent mobility of children

This three-year study (2012 to 2015) was initiated and funded by VicHealth and commissioned to La Trobe University and the Parenting Research Centre.  It addresses whether parental fear is a barrier to children’s independence and getting enough physical activity.

Thu 26th Nov 2015

The implications of low quality bicycle paths on the gaze behaviour of learner cyclists

This experiment investigated to what extent low quality bicycle paths cause a shift of visual attention from distant environmental regions to more proximate road properties for young learner bicyclists (aged 6 to 12 years).

Wed 8th Jul 2015

Impact of Safe Routes to School programs on walking and biking

This research review highlights findings from studies conducted in several states and cities that have examined walking or biking rates, safety, and economic issues associated with Safe Routes to School programs.

Tue 7th Jul 2015

The role of visual information in the steering behaviour of young and adult bicyclists

This thesis provides insights into how the visual attention of young and adult bicyclists is distributed during different steering tasks and how this is affected by individual, task, and environmental constraints.

Thu 11th Jun 2015

Spatial Analysis of Child Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes

The primary focus of this study was to develop a safety performance function (SPF) for use in prioritizing candidate schools for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs.

Tue 3rd Feb 2015

An Evaluation of the Safety Impacts of Safe Routes to School Bicycle Education Programs

This study evaluates the effectiveness of Safe Routes to School programs with in-school bicycle education at reducing the crash rate and improving the safety of children and youth cyclists.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

Testing the behavioral and social-cognitive effects of an adolescent bicycle safety education progra

In this study, the "traffic informer program" – designed to promote safe traffic behavior in the pre-driver population – was experimentally evaluated, with a specific focus on bicycle use. 

Tue 30th Sep 2014

Active Commuting by Bicycle: Results of an Educational Intervention Study

The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of an educational intervention on active commuting by bicycle.

Fri 22nd Aug 2014