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Active Travel to School 2012

(n March 2012 the National Heart Foundation published the results of an online survey with a random sample of 1,005 Australian parents with school aged children.  The survey found that only one in ten children ride to school, even though 80% of parents think it would improve their kids’ health.

Mon 26th Mar 2012

Understanding the Relationship between Drivers and Cyclists

The report suggests that the levels of tension in the driver-cyclist relationship occur in the  context of a society as a whole which is exhibiting behaviours and creating situations that  are likely to increase tensions in all walks of life.

Thu 22nd Dec 2011

NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey 2010

The survey found that 52 per cent of boys achieve recommended levels of activity, compared with 41 per cent of girls. The highest prevalence of active travel was among Year 6 students. 

Tue 29th Nov 2011

The relative contribution of system failures and extreme behaviour in South Australian crashes

Within the road system, there are compliant road users who may make an error, and there are also road users who deliberately take risks and display dangerous or ‘extreme’ behaviours that lead to a crash. This research report examines the relative constribution of such benhaviours within road crashes in South Australia.

Tue 11th Oct 2011

Injury Prevention through School Connectedness

This resesarch study examined how students' feelings of being personally accepted, respected, included, and supported by others in school influenced injury rates. The study observed a decrease in bicycle related injuries among intervention school students, compared with a slight increasing trend in bicycle injuries among control students.

Fri 5th Aug 2011

Research to explore perceptions and experiences of Bikeability training amongst parents and children

In 2010 the UK Department of Transport released a report exploring attitudes towards cycling; current cycling behavior; and, awareness of, participation in, and experience of “bikeability.”

Wed 19th Jan 2011

Child Safety in the UK

This factsheet by the European Transport Safety Council, outlines measures to improve the safety of vulnerable road users. Evidence suggests that child pedestrian and cycling accidents peak in the early years of secondary school when children begin to go to school unassisted.

Tue 4th Jan 2011

Bike Now: Encouraging cycle commuting in New Zealand

The aim of the Bike Now research project was to explore specific 'actions' that could be undertaken in the workplace to encourage people to take up (and continue) cycling to work.

Tue 21st Dec 2010

Biking Makes Teens Smarter

This research found that girls, but not boys, who walk or bike to school instead of getting a ride perform better in tests of verbal and math skills, according to a study of teens living in Spanish cities. 

Tue 21st Dec 2010

Childhood obesity: An economic perspective

The weight of Australian children has increased markedly in recent decades. This report considers the costs of childhood obesity within Australia as well as evidence based measures to reduce childhood obesity.

Fri 29th Oct 2010