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Conspicuity and bicycle crashes: preliminary findings of the Taupo Bicycle Study

The conclusions of this report were use of high-visability clothing is a simple intervention that may have a large impact on the safety of cycling.

Wed 27th Oct 2010

Economic disparity in bicycle helmet use by children six years after the introduction of legislation

This research report looks at the use of helmets by children before and after introducing helmet legislation. The research found that over the long term, the effectiveness of bicycle helmet legislation varies by income area.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Car Driver and Bicyclist Behavior at Bicycle Crossings Under Different Priority Regulations

This 1999 study examines the effects of changes to the Finnish Traffic Code concerning rights of way at bicycle crossings put into effect on the first of June, 1997.  It looks at changes in drivers’ and cyclists’ behavior, and on their knowledge.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Fatal bicycle accidents in children

The authors reviewed the coroner's records of all fatal bicycle accidents occurring in children in Ontario between 1985-1989. The authors suggest that more emphasis should be placed on primary and secondary injury prevention by such methods as bicycle safety education for children and the promotion of bike helmet use.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Active transport: children and young people (an overview of recent evidence)

This report provides an overview of physical activity trends in children and the role of active transport in the health of young people. Active transport, in particular, has declined dramatically in countries, including Australia, where car travel has become the predominant form of personal mobility. 

Mon 27th Sep 2010

“How times have changed”, Active transport literature review

This paper will explore a number of key areas which relate to children’s independent mobility. The first is to detail the changes in values around child rearing. The second half of this paper will detail the barriers and enablers to children’s independent mobility based on findings from international and Australian studies. Finally, this paper will look at how to improve children’s independent mobility using active transport with the view to creating a more environmentally and socially sustainable society.

Mon 27th Sep 2010

Revolutions for Women: Increasing women’s participation in cycling for recreation and transport

This paper reports on a research study conducted in Melbourne, Australia, aimed at investigating reasons for gender differences in cycling, and identifying successful interventions for promoting cycling for women.  

Fri 24th Sep 2010

‘€˜I want to ride my bike’€™: overcoming barriers to cycling to intermediate schools

The objective of this research was to identify the barriers to students cycling to school for six intermediate schools and recommend specific interventions for the schools, along with more general, national level recommendations.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Developing School-based Cycle Trains in New Zealand

A cycle train is similar in approach to the ‘walking school bus’ – adult volunteer ‘conductors’ cycle along a set route to school, collecting children from designated ‘train stops’. This research report evaluates a trial of school based cycle trains in New Zealand. 

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Tempting Teenagers to Cycle

The study collected opinions about cycling to school from Year 8, 9 and 10 students in North Shore City. Students answered an online questionnaire which asked them about bike ownership and use, modes of travel to school, safety issues, facility issues and peer issues.

Fri 24th Sep 2010