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Walking, riding, and driving, or walking, walking, walking for our health

The essay reviews books on how the transportation industry is directly and indirectly shaping our health. It also reports on how to improve cities for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit.

Wed 11th Jan 2017

A cross-sectional study on commute mode choice and intention to change

This study focuses on the role of social, transport, place, and self-identities on commute mode choice and intention to change mode choice.

Wed 11th Jan 2017

Infrastructure development : bicycle-based Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD)

This presentation illustrates that the positive effects of bicycle-based Transit-Oriented Development on the viability of a public transport service, through decreased feeder service reliance, could far outweigh the costs of the cycling infrastructure.

Fri 6th Jan 2017

Lessons from the Development of a Guidebook on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit

This presentation provides a wealth of case studies for how to improve pedestrian and bicycle connections to transit.

Wed 4th Jan 2017

How Cities Can Increase Cycling Among Women

This study researched the characteristics and programs of Portland, OR, Washington D.C., and Vancouver B.C., to evaluate how they have been successful at achieving high percentages of women cycling.

Fri 23rd Dec 2016

Modelling children’s mobility and school commuting

This research looks at determinants of school commuting and active/independent mobility of children, identifying guidelines and key challenges to address in future research.

Thu 22nd Dec 2016

Transportation of children with bicycle seats, trailers, and other carriers

The purpose of this study is to obtain a better understanding of the safety implications of transporting children by bicycle.

Thu 8th Dec 2016

Enhancing Utilitarian Cycling: A Case Study

The paper presents the results of an interview study with participants of a field trial where they promised to replace three days worth of car journeys with bicycling.

Wed 14th Sep 2016

“I’d rather bike to school!”: Profiling children who would prefer to cycle to school

This study examines the concordance between children׳s preferred and actual school travel mode, and compared children who are driven to or from school but who would prefer to cycle with those who prefer to be driven.

Thu 8th Sep 2016

The effect of non-recreational transport cycling on use of other transport modes

This study focusses on cycling for transport in a general context (as opposed to bikeshare), also allowing for multi-modal trips. The influence of trip- and personal-characteristics on whether cycling replaces car-driving has also been considered. 

Wed 24th Aug 2016