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Social Inclusive Bicycle Riding in Multicultural Australia

This research investigates cultural differences in attitudes and perceptions of cycling with recently arrived migrants, refugees and international students.

Fri 4th Nov 2011

Assessment of the type of cycling infrastructure required to attract new cyclists

This publication reports on research conducted from July 2008 to January 2010 that investigated what type of cycling infrastructure is need to attract new cyclists. The research involved undertaking an international literature review followed by national surveys and Christchurch-based focus groups.

Wed 26th Oct 2011

Bicycling through the life course: the start-stop-start experiences of women cycling

The paper reports on a qualitative study into Australian women's experiences of cycling through their life course. It focuses on the circumstances in which women start and stop cycling and the spatial contexts in which this occurs. 

Mon 24th Oct 2011

Best practice in OHSW mass media campaigns

This report, by Centre for Automotive Safety Research, provides a review of what is currently known about occupational health, safety and welfare (OHSW) mass media campaign design and evaluation.

Mon 10th Oct 2011

Understanding walking and cycling

This report provides a summary of the aims, methods and key findings arising from a three year research project on the role of walking and cycling for everyday travel in English urban areas. The overall aim of the research was to gain a clear understanding of the factors that structure everyday travel in England.

Fri 16th Sep 2011

Commerce Workplace Travel Plan Project

COMMERCE sought to increase the quality and the number of Workplace Travel Plans. The final project report provides an overview of the resources developed, best practice projects and learnings from the project.

Fri 16th Sep 2011

‘I’ll just take the car’: Improving bicycle transportation to encourage its use on short trips

This research report included a literature review of overseas best practice for integrated local cycling policies, a review of the New Zealand cycling market, a survey of cyclists and non-cyclists to examine the perception of bicycles and cyclists.

Fri 16th Sep 2011

Injury Prevention through School Connectedness

This resesarch study examined how students' feelings of being personally accepted, respected, included, and supported by others in school influenced injury rates. The study observed a decrease in bicycle related injuries among intervention school students, compared with a slight increasing trend in bicycle injuries among control students.

Fri 5th Aug 2011

Lords Select Committee Report: Behaviour Change

In July 2011 the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee released the findings of a year-long investigation into the way Government tries to influence people’s behaviour using behaviour change interventions.

Fri 22nd Jul 2011

Cycle to Work Alliance: Behavioural Impact Analysis

In February 2011 the UK's Cycle to Work Alliance released the results of a research project to to gain a better understanding of the health and environmental benefits of the cycle to work scheme and the motivations that have driven demand from the users of the scheme, and the employers who offer it.

Fri 22nd Jul 2011