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Effect of Bicycle-sharing on Public Transport Accessibility

This paper seeks to evaluate the impact of integrating shared bikes on the accessibility of a public transit system, by developing a model of public transit accessibility, and applying to the transit system of Chicago.

Thu 7th Apr 2016

An Exploratory Study of Electric Bicycle Use by San Francisco Bay Area Families

This study focuses on family users of electric bikes, including electrified cargo bikes to learn how e-bikes are substituted for a family car.

Tue 2nd Feb 2016

The effect of active travel interventions conducted in work settings on driving to work

The objective of this study is to systematically assess the effectiveness of active travel interventions, only including randomised controlled trials or controlled longitudinal studies, conducted in a work setting for increasing employee physical activity levels and decreasing relatively inactive forms of transport (e.g. driving) to inform interventions promoting active travel.

Thu 28th Jan 2016

Evaluating Walking and Biking to Transit Using a Mixed Logit Mode Choice Model

This study assesses the effects of various bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure integration with transit on individual mode choice and predict the mode share outcomes of select infrastructure improvements and policies. 

Thu 7th Jan 2016

Unraveling the Modal Impacts of Bikesharing

This survey looks at the demographics of bicycle share systems and how they interact with public transport services.

Tue 15th Dec 2015

What is a cyclist?

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation examined what might make more people make the transition to using the bicycle as a means of transport.

Tue 8th Dec 2015

Active Transportation by Transit-Dependent and Choice Riders and Potential Displacement of Leisure

Choice transit riders, who use transit and have a car, and dependent transit riders, who are limited to transit use, are compared for differences in active transport and leisure physical activity time.

Thu 3rd Dec 2015

Parental fear: a barrier to the independent mobility of children

This three-year study (2012 to 2015) was initiated and funded by VicHealth and commissioned to La Trobe University and the Parenting Research Centre.  It addresses whether parental fear is a barrier to children’s independence and getting enough physical activity.

Thu 26th Nov 2015

The use of social marketing in promoting cycling

This chapter explores the use of social marketing to increase the use of the bicycle as a mode of everyday travel.

Thu 1st Oct 2015

Defining correlation between modal-split, infrastructure and mobility services with travel plans

The main objective of these studies was to reduce the problems caused by private car users and to promote sustainable mobility choices for target groups. The results of the projects showed, that travel plans are effective tools in order to solve mobility challenges in a sustainable way, but transportation infrastructure and services have strong effect on the success of travel plans.

Thu 24th Sep 2015