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Speedups for Multi-Criteria Urban Bicycle Routing

This paper proposes several heuristics for speeding up multi-criteria route search that can provide optimised routes for people who ride bicycles.

Thu 17th Sep 2015

Adoption of Safe Routes to School in Canadian and the United States Contexts

This article is the first attempt to examine safe routes to school at the state/provincial/city level to understand key adoption strategies using a realist approach

Wed 22nd Jul 2015

Impact of Safe Routes to School programs on walking and biking

This research review highlights findings from studies conducted in several states and cities that have examined walking or biking rates, safety, and economic issues associated with Safe Routes to School programs.

Tue 7th Jul 2015

Changes in mode of travel to work: a natural experimental study of new transport infrastructure

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a major transport infrastructure project on commuters’ mode of travel, trip frequency and distance travelled to work.

Wed 1st Jul 2015

Multimodal Commuting to Work by Public Transport and Bicycle

This study analysed the effect of attitudes on the decision to commute by both public transport and bicycle. 

Wed 22nd Apr 2015

The Scottish Cyclist and the New Woman

 This article examines the cycling craze from a Scottish perspective by investigating representations of Scottish female cyclists in a weekly magazine first printed in Glasgow in 1888 entitled The Scottish Cyclist.

Wed 15th Apr 2015

The Bicycle Boom and Women’s Rights

This essay looks at the history of the bicycle and how it influenced women's rights.

Wed 8th Apr 2015

Comparing cities’ cycling patterns using online shared bicycle maps

This study looks at 4.5 months of online bike-sharing map data from ten cities to identify usage patterns that are unique and usage patterns that are common.

Sat 4th Apr 2015

Taking the tyke on a bike: mothers’ and childless women’s space–time geographies compared

This paper investigates the relationship between cycling and mothers’ mobility in Amsterdam. Considering that mothers (still) tend to be responsible for transporting children and doing so on a bicycle may increase the difficulties of travel, the city’s push for cycling may not suit mothers’ mobility needs.

Wed 1st Apr 2015

Big Data Analysis of Population Flow between TfL Oyster and Bicycle Hire Networks in London

This study seeks to undertake an initial analysis of the likely flow of people between the Tube to bicycle hire network in London.

Tue 10th Mar 2015