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Understanding Walking and Cycling

This report provides a summary of the aims, methods and key findings arising from a three year EPSRC-funded research project on the role of walking and cycling for everyday travel in English urban areas.

Mon 29th Sep 2014

Use and activity levels on newly built bicycle playgrounds

This study examines how three bicycle playgrounds are used and explores how users experience the areas.  This study was designed as a combination of systematic observations, using the System for Observing Play and Recreation in Communities (SOPARC), and short on-site interviews with ‘typical users’.

Fri 26th Sep 2014

Active Commuting by Bicycle: Results of an Educational Intervention Study

The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of an educational intervention on active commuting by bicycle.

Fri 22nd Aug 2014

Measuring the Impacts of Bike-to-Work Day Events and Identifying Barriers to Commuter Cycling

Using data from Bike-to-Work Day this paper aims to understand who attends, the impacts of event-based promotional strategies across different groups and the lessons for increasing commuter cycling in general. 

Thu 21st Aug 2014

On the way to a multi-modal energy-efficient route

This paper presents a flexible and expandable routing framework capable of finding multi-modal and inter-modal energy-efficient routes incorporating, among others, transportation modes such as public transport, electric vehicles, car-sharing, bike-sharing and walking.

Tue 15th Jul 2014

Bicycle lessons, activity participation and empowerment

This paper addresses the impact of bicycle lessons for immigrant and refugee women on bicycle use and activity participation, from an equity perspective.

Wed 2nd Jul 2014

Children and cycling independence : recommendations for the City of Vancouver

This study examines the ways different stakeholders in the City of Vancouver can increase bicycling independence in children by understanding the factors and addressing the barriers associated with children’s cycling independence. 

Thu 29th May 2014

Who is ‘World Class’? Transportation Justice and Bicycle Policy

Through two case studies, this report explore how politicians are exploiting the growing appeal of bicycle culture for economic development.

Thu 29th May 2014

Cycling Australia: Women’s Stakeholder Findings

The findings in this report are based on the responses of 2,400 women and provide key insight into the challenges, opportunities, riding behaviours and satisfaction levels of women who ride bikes in Australia.

Wed 21st May 2014

A Study on Non-Motorised (NMT) Activities for Urban Environment

This study aim to define strategies for influencing of shifting from motorised to non-motorised modes of transport in the framework of a sustainable urban transport.

Tue 20th May 2014