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Re-cycling a city – Examining the growth of cycling in Dublin

In Dublin, a modal shift towards bicycle commuting has been encouraged by pro-cycling policies such as a bike rental scheme, bicycle-purchasing schemes, reducing speed limits and the construction of segregated cycle lanes to promote cycling. This paper seeks to examine what, if any, impact these policies have had on cycling rates in Dublin.

Mon 12th May 2014

Predictors of driving among families living within 2 km from school

The purpose of this study was to evaluate demographic characteristics, parent/family level factors, attitudinal and psychosocial factors, route features, access to vehicles, and environmental factors which appear to influence the decision to drive children who live within a walkable distance from school.

Mon 12th May 2014

The Case for Crowdsourcing in Bicycle Planning: An Exploratory Study

Through this exploratory case study, existing practices and limitations of crowdsourcing for bicycle planning projects in various metropolitan communities are discussed. The document also provides planners with recommendations as they look to this data collection and public participation method for bicycle planning projects, specifically bicycle facility demand, network planning, suitability modeling, and route choice modeling.

Mon 28th Apr 2014

The Societal Costs and Benefits of Commuter Bicycling

This study compared the effects of policies to increase bicycle commuting in a car-dominated city and explored the role of participatory modeling to support transport planning in the face of complexity.

Mon 21st Apr 2014

Simulating bicycle wayfinding mechanisms in an urban environment

This research uses an agent-based model to investigate how small-scale urban design affects bicyclist wayfinding. 

Wed 9th Apr 2014

Map Route Ranking with Weighted Distance using Environmental Factors

This paper incorporates environmental factors such as route slope into routes generated by Google Maps to provide additional information to allow riders to make an informed choice of route.

Wed 2nd Apr 2014

Bicycle Connectivity and Safety Model

This paper presents a model and a set of tools that allow for a thorough investigation of a current transportation network from a bicyclist point of view and a method of assessing improvement that could increase connectivity at a desired level of tolerance. 

Thu 20th Feb 2014

Understanding cyclists’ perceptions, keys for a successful bicycle promotion

This study investigates cyclists’ perceptions by using a large university survey designed and collected ad hoc. After identifying fourteen factors, a structural equations model was estimated to find structure and relationships among variables and to understand users’ intentions to use the bike.

Wed 12th Feb 2014

Reflections on the Development of Urban Bicycle Traffic

This study looks at the necessity of developing "green traffic" when the travel environment is deteriorating in terms of safety and efficiency.  The study explores the development of bicycle traffic systems through the construction of bicycle tracks, installation of bike share systems, building of the riding environment, selection of bicycle development model and improvement of social recognition degree.

Wed 15th Jan 2014

Handbook of Sustainable Travel

This book looks at transportation systems and policies with a view to directing the reader towards more sustainable forms of travel.

Thu 19th Dec 2013