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Exploring Airport Employee Commute and Parking Strategies

The purpose of this report was to determine what is known about airport employee commute patterns, commute modes, and programs that provide alternatives to the drive alone commute to work.

Wed 5th Sep 2012

Evaluation of the Cycling Cityand Towns Programme

In August 2012 the UK Department of Transport published the findings from qualitative research undertaken with residents of the Cycling City and Towns. It explores their cycling behaviour and how they responded to the investment in cycling in their local areas.

Fri 17th Aug 2012

Determinants of bicycle commuting

This journel article examines the role of bicycle parking, cyclist showers, free car parking and transit benefits as determinants of cycling to work.

Wed 15th Aug 2012

Travel adaptive capacity assessment for particular geographic, demographic and activity cohorts

This report exploring the use of travel adaptive capacity to help people change modes of travel in order to reduce fuel use without reducing participation in activities. 

Wed 8th Aug 2012

Evaluating Cycle Mapping Styles

This research report explored the views of focus group participants on the ‘usability’ of four different styles of map. The results highlighted the difficulty of classifying cycle routes in a meaningful way for different potential user groups.

Fri 18th May 2012

Analyzing the time frame for the transition from leisure-cyclist to commuter-cyclist

Published in the journal Transportation in August 2010, this study examined how long it would take for a leisure-cyclist to become a commuter-cyclist. The study found that young white-collar workers who live in high-rise apartments and enjoy intensive leisure-cycling in groups, are a good target toward whom promotions for commuter-cycling should be focused.

Tue 3rd Apr 2012

The potential health benefits of a workplace transport plan

This study investigated the effect of a workplace travel plan. The results suggest that transport plans aimed at reducing car usage should be considered as a feasible and effective strategy for increasing health-enhancing physical activity among the workforce.

Mon 2nd Apr 2012

“It’s all about the journey”: women and cycling events

This article develops a gender perspective on women’s experience of a mass cycle tour event. The research findings have implications for how active tourism events are conceptualised, promoted and managed.

Wed 14th Mar 2012

Changing gears: bicycling as the panacea for physical inactivity?

This editorial summarises the health benefits and risks of cycling, and describes current controversies and evidence challenges for cycling policy and promotion. 

Wed 8th Feb 2012

NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey 2010

The survey found that 52 per cent of boys achieve recommended levels of activity, compared with 41 per cent of girls. The highest prevalence of active travel was among Year 6 students. 

Tue 29th Nov 2011