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Modelling and Simulation of an Electric Bicycles Charging Station Based on Renewable Energy

The paper deals with the representation and modelling of an electric bicycles charging station based on renewable energy and proposes energy management strategies for isolated and grid-tie operation.

Thu 2nd Feb 2017

Correlates of Helmet Use Among Recreation and Transportation Bicyclists

This cross-sectional study sought to identify domain-specific (recreation versus transportation) correlates of helmet use among U.S. adult bicyclists, using nationally representative data from 2012.

Thu 26th Jan 2017

A user-centred assessment of a new bicycle sharing system in Medellin

This ethnographic study implemented a user experiential approach for assessing EnCicla, which is a new bicycle share system in the city of Medellin, Colombia.

Thu 19th Jan 2017

Expanding Bicycle-Sharing Systems: Lessons Learnt from an Analysis of Usage

The objective of this study is to explore the impact of the expansion of a bicycle-sharing system on the usage of the system. This was conducted for a bicycle-sharing system in Zhongshan (China), using operational usage data of different years following system expansion.

Wed 18th Jan 2017

A Method to Assess Sustainable Mobility for Sustainable Tourism

This paper analyses the public bike share systems (PBS) in Spain through sentiment analysis of Social Media data (TripAdvisor, Twitter and Facebook) with opinions of residents and visitors, identifying positive and negative factors and their potential impact on sustainable tourism and transport.

Thu 12th Jan 2017

Bidirectional Incentive Model for Bicycle Redistribution of a Bicycle Sharing System

This paper explores three scenarios for implementing bidirectional incentive models that encourage users to rebalance bikeshare systems through cooperation between the operator and the government.

Thu 12th Jan 2017

Bicycle helmet laws and persistent racial and ethnic helmet use disparities among urban students

The objective of this study is to assess changes in racial/ethnic disparities in helmet use among high school students in urban jurisdictions where laws were previously determined to increase overall helmet use.

Wed 7th Dec 2016

Predicting critical conditions in bicycle sharing systems

This paper presents STation Occupancy Predictor (STOP), a data mining framework to predicting the occupancy levels (i.e., critical or non-critical) of the stations in the near future.

Tue 6th Dec 2016

Using naturalistic data to assess e-cyclist behavior

This study sought to assess the suitability of infrastructure and regulations designed for non-electric bicycles but used by people riding e-bicycles.

Thu 22nd Sep 2016

Bike Share Feasibility Study for Adelaide

The report prepared for the City of Adelaide provided a detailed set of design options and considerations for a bike share program in Adelaide. This includes suggested user costs, funding options, number of bikes and docking stations, marketing techniques, estimated usage, technology options, and costs.

Thu 15th Sep 2016