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Evaluation of e-bike accidents in Switzerland

The aim of this study is to provide a benchmark that compares standard bicycles to electric bicycles in terms of safety.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

The effect of the Swedish bicycle helmet law for children: An interrupted time series study

This study investigates the effect of the Swedish helmet law for children under the age of 15, a population that cannot be fined.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

Cycle regulations review

This study gathers and reviews evidence from a wide variety of sources on the forces and pressures influencing pedal cycle construction, sale and use in Great Britain.  The report provides the Department for Transport with costed, practical and appropriate options for legislative change. 

Mon 3rd Nov 2014

Public Bikesharing in North America During a Period of Rapid Expansion

This study evaluates public bikesharing in North America, reviewing the change in travel behavior exhibited by members of different programs in the context of their business models and operational environment.

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Bicycle Route Choice: GPS Data Collection and Travel Model Development

The objective of the study is to improve travel demand models to allow the study of the tradeoffs between facilities, the relationship between utilitarian and recreational bicycling, and an analysis of the utility of bicycle facilities.

Thu 23rd Oct 2014

Exploring pareto routes in multi-criteria urban bicycle routing

This paper uses a multi-criteria optimisation framework to optimal bicycle routes and an optimum multi-label correcting algorithm for finding a full set of Pareto routes.

Wed 22nd Oct 2014

Effects of bicycle helmet laws on children’s injuries

This study estimates the effects of mandatory helmet laws on injuries requiring emergency department treatment in the US.

Thu 16th Oct 2014

Cyclists’ clothing and reduced risk of injury in crashes

This study investigated the role of clothing in reducing the risk of cyclists’ injuries in crashes.

Fri 10th Oct 2014

The Role of Bicycle-sharing in the City: Analysis of the Irish Experience

This research analyses four elements of a bikeshare scheme in Dublin, Ireland: (1) the socioeconomic characteristics of the users; (2) its impact on modal choice; (3) its peak and off-peak functionality; and (4) its impact on driver awareness of cyclists. 

Wed 8th Oct 2014

Research on the Site Selection of the Public Bicycle System

This thesis puts forward a method for selected sites for bicycle share docking stations based on GIS data. 

Thu 25th Sep 2014