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Spatio-temporal patterns of a Public Bicycle Sharing Program: the effect of weather and events

This research investigates the spatio-temporal dynamics of a large public bicycle share system, specifically the effects of weather and calendar events on the geographic and temporal patterning of public bicycle use.

Wed 24th Sep 2014

The safety of electrically assisted bicycles compared to classic bicycles

This case–control study compares the likelihood of crashes and related injury consequences for electric bicycles to classic bicycles in the Netherlands among users of 16 years and older.

Wed 10th Sep 2014

Ridership and effectiveness of bikesharing in China

This paper models the impacts of urban features and system characteristics on bikesharing daily use and turnover rate, using data constructed on 69 bikesharing systems in China.

Tue 2nd Sep 2014

Identifying factors of bicycle comfort: An online survey with enthusiast cyclists

The present study investigates how enthusiast cyclists conceptualize comfort using an online survey with 244 respondents. The purpose is to determine which factors contribute to comfort when riding a bicycle, to identify situations in which comfort is relevant and to determine the extent to which vibrations play a role in comfort evaluations.

Thu 28th Aug 2014

Evaluation of the hybrid model of public bicycle-sharing operation and private bicycle parking

This paper looks at various models for operating public bicycle sharing systems and evaluates their suitability in specific settings.

Wed 27th Aug 2014

Barriers to bikesharing: an analysis from Melbourne and Brisbane

This study quantifies the motivators and barriers to bikeshare program usage in Australia.

Thu 21st Aug 2014

Allocation optimization of bicycle-sharing stations at scenic spots

This study proposes an optimisation model for the placement of bike share stations that aims to minimise the total cycling distance and overlapping rate.

Thu 21st Aug 2014

Association of implementation of a public bicycle share program with intention and self-efficacy

This natural experiment examines the effect of a public bicycle share program on cognitions and investigates the moderating influence of socioeconomic status on this effect.

Thu 21st Aug 2014

Comparative Analysis of Risky Behaviors of Electric Bicycles at Signalized Intersections

The primary objective of this study was to compare the risky behaviors of e-bike, e-scooter and bicycle riders as they were crossing signalized intersections.

Wed 20th Aug 2014

Investigating Household Bicycle Ownership Levels: A Tale of Two Market Segments

This paper is interested in characterising the attributes of two latent household market segments for bicycle ownership, based on household bicycle ownership count observations from conventional travel and activity surveys.

Mon 18th Aug 2014