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Public Bicycle Share Programs and Head Injuries   Read More:

This study evaluated the effect of North American public bicycle share programs (PBSPs), which typically do not offer helmets with rentals, on the occurrence of bicycle-related head injuries.

Thu 8th May 2014

Inequalities in the London bicycle sharing system revisited: impacts of extending the scheme

This paper examines how the profile of users has changed across the first 3 years of the London Bicycle Share Scheme, using total-population registration and usage data.  It looks at the impacts of extending the scheme to poorer areas but also doubling prices.

Thu 24th Apr 2014

Alcohol consumption, helmet use and head trauma in cycling collisions in Germany

The aims of this study were to establish which cyclist and cycling accident characteristics are associated with alcohol consumption and helmet use in Germany and to identify risk factors related to head trauma sustained in cycling accidents.

Wed 16th Apr 2014

Analysing the Environmental Impact and Initiative of the Bicycle Industry

The goal of this report was to quantitatively analyze the sustainability of processes used to manufacture Specialized’s bicycles and to qualitatively determine the current state of interest for sustainably made bikes.

Wed 16th Apr 2014

The modes of government guidance for public bicycle operations and state-owned company operation

This study looks at the different ways that bicycle share systems can be owned and run by examining case studies in China.

Wed 9th Apr 2014

Design of Electric Bike with Higher Efficiency

This paper presents the ongoing research and development of an “Improved E bike” with enhanced performance and improved characteristics.

Thu 3rd Apr 2014

The role of bicycle sharing systems in normalising the image of cycling

This paper sought to compare the use of specialist cycling clothing between users of the London bicycle sharing system and cyclists using personal bicycles.

Sun 23rd Mar 2014

Helmet Use Among Cyclists in New York City

The study aims to assess the prevalence of helmet use among cyclists riding on widely-used New York City (NYC) bike lanes. 

Sun 16th Feb 2014

How land-use and urban form impact bicycle flows

This study examines the influence of meteorological data, temporal characteristics, bicycle infrastructure, land use and built environment attributes on arrival and departure flows at bicycle stations.  The findings provide recommendations pertaining to station size and location decisions.

Wed 12th Feb 2014

A Multi-Periodic Optimization Modeling Approach for the Establishment of a Bike Sharing Network

This study introduces a novel mathematical formulation that addresses the strategic design of a bicycle sharing network.

Wed 12th Feb 2014