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Behavior Improvement Effect Using Roadside Devices to Notify Approaching-Vehicle for Cyclists

This study focused on notifying the cyclist of a vehicle's approach from a narrow street as one of the countermeasures for supporting safe cycling.  The effectiveness of this system was verified by public-road experiment. 

Wed 1st Jan 2014

Design of Anti-Theft Public Bicycle System Based on RFID Technology

This paper introduces an anti-theft detection system for public bicycles, which can work in ways of both passive RFID and active RFID.

Mon 23rd Dec 2013

Video analysis of the biomechanics of a bicycle accident resulting in significant facial fractures

This study aimed to use video analysis techniques to determine the velocity, impact force, angle of impact, and impulse to fracture involved in a video-recorded bicycle accident resulting in facial fractures.

Wed 18th Dec 2013

The Social Life of CitiBike Stations

Projects for Public Spaces, with their historical grounding in the observational methods of William Holly Whyte, decided to head out into the city to document and better understand the place-based benefits of bike share stations in New York. Our research question was simple: Are bikeshare stations adding to the sociability and amenability of the places they occupy? To that question, the answer was a clear and resounding “Yes!” People — not just bikeshare users, but everyone passing by station docks — are adopting the bikeshare system as part of the social infrastructure of the city.

Tue 17th Dec 2013

The role of a non-profit organisation-run public bicycle-sharing programme

This paper proposes that non-profit organisations may have the capacity to operate and effectively manage public bicycle sharing programs in conjunction with other non-profit activities to promote community development. Using a case study approach and implementing a user perception survey, this study examines the experience of a small-scale program in Kitakyushu City, Japan. 

Thu 12th Dec 2013

The Impact of Cost and Network Topology on Urban Mobility

This paper explores the explicit impact of cost and network topology on mobility dynamics, using data from 2 city-wide public bicycle share systems in the USA.

Mon 9th Dec 2013

The Influence of Self-efficacy and Compensatory Health Behavior in Bicycle Helmet Use

This study looks at the influence of self-efficacy and compensatory health behaviour on individuals who never wear a helmet or who occasionally wear a helmet.

Wed 27th Nov 2013

Automatic Braking for Cyclists

Statistics show that a car is involved in 80% of cyclist fatalities. In order to reduce this figure TNO has devised various solutions to help reduce the number of victims among the most vulnerable participants in traffic (cyclists and pedestrians). One of TNO's solutions is to equip cars and trucks with a warning and automatic braking system and with sensors capable of communicating with other road users.

Tue 26th Nov 2013

A new direction for cycling in Queensland

This report is the result of an enquiry carried out by a Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee into particular issues to improve the interaction of cyclists with other road users.  The issues included a variety of laws, rules, penalties and other regulatory systems.  The results of the inquiry included 68 recommendations including the introduction of a 1m minimum passing distance and the relaxation of helmet laws.

Fri 15th Nov 2013

Effective Bicycle Promotion - The effect on messages regarding marketing of bicycle traffic.

The report, collated by Sidsel Birk Hjuler and Thomas Krag, reveals important ingredients for the creation of successful cycling marketing campaigns. Whilst the choice to ride a bicycle is primarily influenced by our knowledge of the physical space around us (distance, infrastructure, weather), we are heavily influenced by our emotional responses to media and marketing.  This report unpacks some of the ways in which consumers responded to cycle-focused marketing.

Wed 16th Oct 2013