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The Effectiveness of Helmets in Reducing Head Injuries and Hospital Treatment Costs

This study reports on the relationship between helmet use and head injury severity. The data was taken from hospitals in metropolitan sydney and involved a retrospective cohort of both pedal cyclists and motorcyclists. It found that patients identified with severe head injury, inhospital costs (AUD) were around three times higher in non-helmeted patients (median, $72 000) compared with helmeted patients (median, $24 000).

Mon 6th May 2013

Analyzing demographic and geographic characteristics of “cycle atlanta” smartphone application users

This thesis analyzes the demographic characteristics and reported home locations of Cycle Atlanta smartphone app users compare to those of cyclists reflected by other datasets.

Wed 1st May 2013

Helmet legislation and admissions to hospital for cycling related head injuries in Canadian province

This study investigates the association between helmet legislation and admissions to hospital for cycling related head injuries among young people and adults in Canada.

Mon 15th Apr 2013

Bike Share: A Synthesis of the Literature

This paper begins by providing an overview of bike share programs, followed by a critical examination of the growing body of literature on these programs. 

Thu 28th Mar 2013

Encouraging equitable access to public bikesharing systems

This paper provides an overview of the results of a survey of 20 current and planned North American bikesharing systems. The purpose of the survey was to collect basic information about the systems, and the current status and details about programs that attempt to lower access barriers to bikesharing experienced by low-income communities, and minority groups under-represented in bicycling.

Thu 31st Jan 2013

The conspicuity of South Australian cyclists: implications for safety

This research seeks to determine the level of conspicuity of commuting cyclists in the morning and afternoon in Adelaide's CBD. The researchers found that while 38% of observed riders were visible from the front, only 18% were visible from the back, somewhat due to the use of backpacks.

Tue 15th Jan 2013

Source of head injury for pedestrians and pedal cyclists: Striking vehicle or road?

This study reviewed 205 pedestrian and cyclist accidents with head injury or impact. Over half of head impacts were attributed to road rather than the striking vehicle. Most casualties with serious head injury were associated with striking vehicle.

Thu 10th Jan 2013

Crash Data Analyses for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications for Safety Applications

This report, released by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration in November 2012, presents the potential safety benefits of wireless communication between roadway infrastructure and vehicles by identifying the magnitude, characteristics, and cost of crashes that would be targeted.

Wed 5th Dec 2012

Long term bicycle related head injury trends for New South Wales

This research report, published in Accident Analysis & Prevention in January 2013, finds the decline in bicycle related head injuries attributable to mandatory helmet legislation (MHL) has been maintained over the following two decades.

Thu 4th Oct 2012

Bike Share Program Update

This update on bike share schemes was publiched by the European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM) in Oct 2012. It provides a history of bike sharing and an overview of recent developments.

Thu 4th Oct 2012