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Barriers and facilitators to public bicycle scheme use

This research report, published in  2012 investigates the barriers and facilitators to using CityCycle, a public bicycle share scheme in Brisbane, Australia. Accessibility/spontaneity, safety and weather/topography emerged as key influences.

Wed 3rd Oct 2012

Cycle freight in London: A scoping study

This project report by Transport for London was published in 2009. The report outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using cycles to move freight.

Thu 27th Sep 2012

A technical evaluation of bicycle carriage on Victorian trains and coaches

This study investigates practical ways to carry bicycles on regional public transport in Victoria, in order to create a more integrated transport system.

Wed 29th Aug 2012

Electric Bicycles Global Market Report

This research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the worldwide e-bicycle and e-bicycle battery industry including an examination of market forces, technology issues, government policy influences, the competitive landscape, and key drivers of growth.

Thu 23rd Aug 2012

Health Impact of Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Laws

This article seeks to answer the question whether mandatory bicycle helmet laws deliver a net societal health benefit. The author finds that in jurisdictions where cycling is safe, a helmet law is likely to have a large unintended negative health impact.

Thu 7th Jun 2012

The Pedal Study:  Factors Associated With Bicycle Crashes and Injury Severity in the ACT

This study examined the characteristics of bicycle crashes in different cycling environments in the ACT and investigated the type and severity of injuries associated with the type of clothing worn. 

Tue 27th Mar 2012

Hangzhou Public Bicycle: Understanding Early Adoption and Behavioral Response to Bikesharing

As of March 2011, Hangzhou Public Bicycle operated 60,600 bicycles with 2,416 fixed stations in eight core districts. The authors found that bikesharing was capturing modal share from bus transit, walking, autos, and taxis.

Wed 1st Feb 2012

Repealing mandatory helmet legislation in Australia: cross sectional survey

This research report by Chris Rissel and Li Ming Wen examines the possible effect of repealing mandatory bicycle helmet legislation on the frequency of cycling in Sydney.

Wed 14th Dec 2011

‘I’ll just take the car’: Improving bicycle transportation to encourage its use on short trips

This research report included a literature review of overseas best practice for integrated local cycling policies, a review of the New Zealand cycling market, a survey of cyclists and non-cyclists to examine the perception of bicycles and cyclists.

Fri 16th Sep 2011

The health risks and benefits of cycling in urban environments

This research report estimates the risks and benefits to health of travel by bicycle, using a bicycle sharing scheme, compared with travel by car in an urban environment. The study found that by using the bike share scheme, the annual number of deaths avoided was 12.28 and annual carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by an estimated 9 062 344 kg.

Mon 15th Aug 2011