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Impact of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries in NSW

This study assesses the effect of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries given the ongoing debate in Australia. Despite numerous data limitations, the study identified evidence of a positive effect of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries at a population level.

Thu 23rd Jun 2011

Bicycle Helmet Research QLD

This monograph presents the results of research commissioned by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to review the national and international literature regarding the health outcomes of cycling and bicycle helmets.

Thu 23rd Jun 2011

Field test on visability at cycle crossings at night

This report describes the reults of a field test on visability at cycle crossings.

Wed 12th Jan 2011

Characterizing the speed and paths of shared bicycles in Lyon

Researchers looked at 11.6 million bicycle trips in Lyon between May 2005 and December 2007 leading to the first robust characterisation of urban bikers' behaviors. The research, published in 2010, found that bicycles outpace cars in downtown Lyon.

Mon 20th Dec 2010

Conspicuity and bicycle crashes: preliminary findings of the Taupo Bicycle Study

The conclusions of this report were use of high-visability clothing is a simple intervention that may have a large impact on the safety of cycling.

Wed 27th Oct 2010

Head injuries and bicycle helmet laws

This research paper by Robinson, D.L was published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, Volume 28, Issue 4, July 1996. While the first year of the mandatory bicycle helmet laws in Australia saw increased helmet wearing the greatest effect of the helmet law was not to encourage cyclists to wear helmets, but to discourage cycling.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Reasons for trends in cyclist injury data

DL Robinson responds to research by Cook and Sheikh which examines trends in percentages of hospital admissions involving head injury. The letter questions whether increased helmet wearing  or whether more cycle lanes and traffic calming measures were the cause of reduced head injuries in cyclists.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Economic disparity in bicycle helmet use by children six years after the introduction of legislation

This research report looks at the use of helmets by children before and after introducing helmet legislation. The research found that over the long term, the effectiveness of bicycle helmet legislation varies by income area.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

A real-time system for monitoring of cyclists and pedestrians

Ihis paper describes a camera based automatic system that utilizes Kalman filtering in tracking and Learning Vector Quantization for classifying observations to pedestrians and cyclists. The tests performed show that the system achieves around 80–90% accuracy in counting and classification.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Evaluation and replication of impact damage to bicycle helmets

The research project examined 72 bicycle helmets damaged in crashes. The results indicate that the majority of impacts took place on flat surfaces from drop heights of one metre or less. 

Tue 28th Sep 2010