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Fatal bicycle accidents in children

The authors reviewed the coroner's records of all fatal bicycle accidents occurring in children in Ontario between 1985-1989. The authors suggest that more emphasis should be placed on primary and secondary injury prevention by such methods as bicycle safety education for children and the promotion of bike helmet use.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Detection of Bicycles by Quadrupole Loops at Demand-Actuated Traffic Signals

Inductive loop sensors, commonly used for detection of traffic at demand-actuated traffic signals, can be configured and adjusted to detect bicycles with metal rims. This article describes how to provide reliable detection of bicycles via inductive loop sensors without generating unacceptable false-positive detection of large vehicles in adjacent lanes.

Mon 27th Sep 2010

Bike-Share Opportunities in New York City

The document, published by the New York Department of City Planning in 2009, analyses existing bike-share models and the potential for a New York City Bike-Share Program. 

Thu 23rd Sep 2010

Use characteristics and mode choice behavior of electric bike users in China

This paper probes these questions by surveying electric bike usage in two large Chinese cities, Kunming and Shanghai. Demographic comparisons are made between the different modes and cities as well as differences in travel patterns.


Tue 21st Sep 2010