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Smartphone data facilitating the study of bicycle sharing schemes

This paper is based on Limerick City’s Bike Sharing Scheme and a final-year project thesis which is a study of the feasibility of a stand-alone bike sharing scheme in the suburb of Castletroy adjacent to the University of Limerick.

Wed 9th Sep 2015

Bicycle Infrastructure and Traffic Congestion: Evidence from DC’s Capital Bikeshare

This report explores the impact of bicycle-sharing infrastructure on urban transportation. The approach examines within-city commuting decisions as opposed to traffic patterns on major thruways. Empirical results suggest that the availability of a bikeshare reduces traffic congestion by 2 to 3% within a neighborhood.

Wed 26th Aug 2015

Network design of a bicycle-sharing system

This report validates two different models that estimate the performance of a bicycle-sharing system with a simulation.

Thu 13th Aug 2015

Effects of Bike Share Stations and Activity on System Membership and General Population Cycling

This study tests whether bike share systems have a contagion or spillover effect on propensity to start using the system and propensity to bicycle among the general population. 

Thu 13th Aug 2015

Research on Behavior Influence of Transfer between Urban Rail Transit and Public Bicycles

In this paper, factors such as individual characteristics and land use attributes were analysed to see how they influenced people’s usage of public bicycles.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

Impact of bike sharing system in an urban area

The paper reports on the results of the estimation of the potential Bike Sharing demand and of the Bike Sharing impacts.

Mon 3rd Aug 2015

Relationship between Locations of Facial Injury and the Use of Bicycle Helmets

The aim of this study is to review the protective effect of a bicycle helmet on each facial location systematically.

Wed 29th Jul 2015

Australian cycling safety: casualties, crash types and participation levels

This paper presents an analysis of cycling safety in Australia. Topics included are: analysis of casualties by demographics; types of crash that result in cyclist injuries; andrecent trends in cycling participation.

Tue 21st Jul 2015

Citi Bike: The First Two Years

This study examines the first two years of Citi Bike and its role in New York City mobility. Citi Bike has become an integral part of New York’s transportation culture, even though it serves a limited geographic area. This report addresses those challenges and recommends strategies for the future.

Thu 16th Jul 2015

A simulation tool for bicycle sharing systems in multimodal networks

This paper presents a methodology for modelling an urban transport system, integrating public bicycles in a multi-modal network.

Wed 15th Jul 2015