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Prevalence and predictors of bicycle helmet use in a southeastern, US city

This observational study examined the helmet use and related factors in a North Carolina city.

Wed 15th Jul 2015

Naturalistic methods comparing safety behavior from conventional bicycle riders and electric bikes

This work describes the results of a naturalistic GPS-based safety study between regular bicycle and e-bike riders in the context of a unique bikesharing system that allows comparisons between instrumented bike technologies.

Wed 1st Jul 2015

Modeling Bike Sharing System using Built Environment Factors

This paper presents modeling of bike sharing demand at station level in the city of Lyon.

Tue 23rd Jun 2015

Helmet-Wearing Practices and Barriers in Toronto Bike-Share Users: a Case-Control Study

This study seeks to characterize helmet-use patterns, barriers to helmet use, and cycling safety practices among bike-share users in Toronto.

Wed 17th Jun 2015

Knowing about a public bicycle share program in Montreal, Canada

This research studies the success of bicycle share systems against factors such as proximity to docking stations and awareness of the system.

Tue 16th Jun 2015

Using naturalistic data to assess e-cyclist behavior

This study used instrumented electric bicycles to monitor e-cyclists to determine if existing infrastructure and regulations are suitable and to identify where e-bicycles present novel safety issues or impacts on other traffic. 

Thu 11th Jun 2015

The bicycle: mass urban transportation - a paradigm shift

This study looks at factors that are contributing to a change in attitudes regarding bicycle transport both in terms of public opinion and the attitudes of city officials.

Wed 10th Jun 2015

Extending life on the bike: Electric bike use by older Australians

This study identifies the characteristics of older people who own and ride an electric bike in Australian and seeks to understand their motivations for purchase, their electric bike use and safety issues. 

Wed 10th Jun 2015

Feasibility Study of the Bicycle Sharing System as a Mode for Internal Movement of Employees

This paper attempts to show the effectiveness and feasibility of using a bicycle sharing system in an integrated industry, which has a scattered layout. The paper also shows the effect of bicycle sharing on the cost of internal movement of employees in terms of fuel expenses.

Thu 4th Jun 2015

Estimating cycleway capacity and bicycle equivalent unit for electric bicycles

With the rapid increase of electric bicycles in China, the heterogeneous bicycle traffic flow comprising regular bicycles and E-bikes using shared cycleways creates issues in terms of efficiency as well as safety.  In this paper, eight traffic flow fundamental diagrams are developed for one-way cycleway capacity estimation.  

Thu 4th Jun 2015