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A multilevel longitudinal analysis capturing the impact of bicycle sharing on residential sales

This study attempts to understand the relationship between a new bicycle sharing system and home sale prices in Montreal, Canada.

Wed 6th May 2015

The Relationship between Number of Passing Events and Operating Parameters in Mixed Bicycle Traffic

This paper investigates passing events where electric bicycles pass non-electric bicycles or other electric bicycles and explores the relationship between passing events and traffic parameters in designated bicycle facilities. 

Mon 20th Apr 2015

Major issues for biking revival in urban China

This research identifies three issues that may be hampering China's desire to launch a bicycle revival.  The issues are the disproportionate focus on bike share schemes, the undersupply of bicycle infrastructure and the perception of the car as a status symbol.

Fri 17th Apr 2015

Children’s cycling participation, injuries, fatalities and helmet legislation in the United States

This study examines US children’s cycling participation since 1995, children’s injuries and concussion injuries and, as a proxy for injuries, children’s cycling fatalities by states with bicycle helmet laws and those without.

Fri 10th Apr 2015

Barriers and facilitators of bicycle helmet use among children and their parents

This study aims to investigate barriers and facilitators of helmet use among primary and secondary school pupils and their parents.

Tue 7th Apr 2015

An exact algorithm for the static rebalancing problem arising in bicycle sharing systems

This paper presents an exact algorithm for the problem of rebalancing the number of bicycles at bike share stations and the results of computational tests on benchmark instances from the literature.

Mon 6th Apr 2015

Comparing cities’ cycling patterns using online shared bicycle maps

This study looks at 4.5 months of online bike-sharing map data from ten cities to identify usage patterns that are unique and usage patterns that are common.

Sat 4th Apr 2015

Analysing bicycle-sharing system user destination choice preferences: Chicago’s Divvy system

This study examines the behaviour of the users of a bicycle-sharing system at the trip level to analyse bicyclists’ destination preferences. 

Fri 3rd Apr 2015

Simultaneous optimization of transit network and public bicycle station network

This research proposes a new public transportation system design that simultaneously considers both bus network design and public bicycle network design.

Thu 2nd Apr 2015

Investigating User Ridership Sentiments for Bike Sharing Programs

This study performed text mining on the tweets related to a case study (Capital Bike share of Washington DC) to perform sentiment analysis or opinion mining. 

Wed 1st Apr 2015