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Developing an international survey of bicycle and helmet usage

This presentation will focus on the scope, methodology and pitfalls of a uniform international survey to better understand attitudinal and other factors that may influence bicycle and helmet usage, as well as crash risk.

Thu 8th Jan 2015

Mapping Cyclist Activity and Injury Risk in a Network Combining Smartphone GPS Data and Counts

This work validates the use of GPS data as a reliable source of bicycle flow to be used in a variety of safety analyses.

Wed 7th Jan 2015

Characteristics of Mixed Bicycle Traffic Flow on the Conventional Bicycle Path

This paper presents analysis results about the impact of the proportions and the road width on saturated volume of non-motorized traffic flow. The impact of various factors on the traffic operation speed is discussed also.

Mon 5th Jan 2015

Economic Effect Analysis for Bike-Sharing in Korea

 The aim of this study is to analyse the economic effect of bike-sharing after its introduction in Korea. 

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Compensatory health behavior in cyclists with respect to helmet wearing

This study examines the extent that compensatory health behavior is influenced by self-efficacy in cyclists who are occasional helmet wearers or who never wear a helmet. 

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

User’s Satisfaction and Its Impacts on Usage of Public Bicycle System

This study investigates public bicycle share service quality, user satisfaction and how individual’s perceived satisfaction influences their usage. 

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Considerations about the Analysis of ITS Data of Bicycle Sharing Systems

This study guides the management of smartcard data from public bikes by providing criteria to detect travel patterns that describe the specific use of bike-share systems and which cannot be encountered in other transport modes. 

Sat 20th Dec 2014

Dimensioning of a Bike Sharing System (BSS)

This work is part of a project in Nezahualcoyotl in Mexico, where socioeconomic conditions in the area, the adherence of its society to this transportation mode, as well as the urban trace and physical conditions favour the adoption of a bicycle sharing system.

Fri 19th Dec 2014

Institutionalizing Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring Programs in Three States

This paper describes current efforts by the Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to establish programs for monitoring nonmotorized traffic.

Thu 18th Dec 2014

Evaluation of electric and conventional bicycles with other urban transport modes

This research work addresses the comparison of trip dynamics, energy consumption, CO2 and NOx Well-to-Wheel impacts of 5 transportation alternatives (conventional and electric bicycles, conventional and electric vehicles and an urban bus) in Lisbon, Portugal.

Thu 18th Dec 2014