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Bicycle Education for Children Evaluation of a Program in Montreal

The purpose of this study was to evaluate an on- and off-bicycle education program for school-aged children in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to understand how education influences the cycling behavior and attitudes of children and parents.

Thu 25th May 2017

Revealed Bicyclist Route Preferences and Street Conditions

In this study, the route choices of cyclists in an urban environment were related to nine variables on street design and dynamics: tree shade, car parking, traffic speed, traffic volume, mixed or segregated traffic, dedicated bicycle facility, number of car lanes, number of restaurants, and number of retail stores.

Thu 25th May 2017

Assessing the Economic Impact and Health Effects of Bicycling in Minnesota

This project estimated the economic impact of the bicycling industry and events in Minnesota, estimated bicycling infrastructure use across the state, and assessed the health effects of bicycling in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Tue 23rd May 2017

Bicycle Safety at Roundabouts

This report investigates how the geometric design components of a roundabout may contribute to bicycle crashes.

Mon 1st May 2017

Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality

This research investigates the association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, and all cause mortality.

Wed 26th Apr 2017

Urban Sanity: Understanding Urban Mental Health Impacts and How to Create Saner, Happier Cities

This report examines how urban living affects residents' mental health and happiness, and ways to create saner, happier cities.

Fri 21st Apr 2017

Mechanisms underlying cognitive conspicuity in the detection of cyclists by car drivers

The aim of this study was to evaluate the visibility of cyclists for motorists in a simulated car driving task.

Wed 19th Apr 2017

Bicycle Headway Modeling and Its Applications

This paper puts forward a novel composite headway model for bicycle flows.

Wed 5th Apr 2017

Modeling the Impacts of Facility Type, Trip Characteristics, and Trip Stressors on Cyclists’ Comfort

The research reported in this paper utilised data collected using a smartphone app to model cyclists’ comfort levels as a function of bicycle facility types, sources of stress along the trip, and trip characteristics.

Wed 15th Mar 2017

Revisiting the Four Types of Cyclists

This research seeks to find out how applicable the "4-types of cyclist" typology is nationally and to explore motivating factors, barriers, and the appeal of various bicycle facility types for each type of cyclist or potential cyclist.

Wed 15th Mar 2017