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Improving Bicycle Detection Pavement Marking Symbols to Increase Comprehension at Traffic Signals

Building on previous research with the 9C- 7 bicycle detector marking and blue light detector feedback devices, there are two objectives of this research: 1) do users comprehend the 9C-7 marking and the blue light detector feedback device? 2) Does bicyclist behavior change due to a descriptive bicycle detector marking?

Wed 6th Apr 2016

Framework for Establishing a Relationship between a Cycling Investment and Specific Local Impacts

The Department for Transport in the United Kingdom has released a report that evaluates the economic and social impacts of cycling infrastructure investments in both urban and rural areas.

Thu 31st Mar 2016

Facility-demand models of peak-period pedestrian and bicycle traffic

This research provides a comparison of fully-specified and reduced-form models for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Thu 24th Mar 2016

Bikesharing and Bicycle Safety

In this study, researchers take a closer look at bikesharing safety from qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

Thu 24th Mar 2016

The Relative (In)Effectiveness of Bicycle Sharrows on Ridership and Safety Outcomes

The purpose of this research is to longitudinally examine the extent to which sharrows induce people to ride bicycles and explore the markings’ association with the number of bicyclist injuries.

Thu 17th Mar 2016

Bikesharing and Bicycle Safety

This study looks at bikesharing safety from qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Through a series of four focus groups, bikesharing usage and safety was discussed with bikesharing members and nonmembers in the Bay Area.  Nationwide experts from a variety of fields evaluated these thoughtson bikesharing and safety. Finally, researchers conducted an analysis of bicycle and bikesharing activity data, as well as bicycle and bikesharing collisions to evaluate injury rates associated with bikesharing when compared with benchmarks of personal bicycling.

Wed 16th Mar 2016

Bicycles and Motorcycles 2015

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2520, includes 19 papers that explore information related to bicycles and motorcycles.

Tue 15th Mar 2016

Low-Stress Neighborhood Bikeability Assessment to Prioritize Bicycle Infrastructure

This paper introduces a new method to prioritize bicycle improvement projects based on accessibility to important destinations, such as grocery stores, banks, and restaurants. 

Thu 10th Mar 2016

Accuracy of Bicycle Counting with Pneumatic Tubes in Oregon

This research studied three types of off-the-shelf pneumatic tube counters for counting bicycles, including equipment from five manufacturers: two bicycle-specific counters, three varieties of motor vehicle classification counters, and one volume-only motor vehicle counter.

Thu 10th Mar 2016

Bicycle Helmet Use Trends and Related Risk of Mortality and Traumatic Brain Injury

The study aims to evaluate helmet use trends and determine risk of in-hospital mortality and TBI among the national pediatric trauma population.

Wed 9th Mar 2016