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Pediatric Facial Trauma from Bicycling.

The objectives of this study included estimating the incidence of emergency department (ED) visits for bicycle-related facial trauma among the pediatric population and detailing injury patterns.

Thu 17th Dec 2015

Does cycling infrastructure investment mirror gentrification and privilege in Portland and Chicago

This research assesses the geographic distribution of 8 cycling infrastructure with regard to community demographic characteristics to better assess claims that cycling investment arrives in tandem with incoming populations of privilege or is targeted towards neighborhoods with existing wealth.

Wed 16th Dec 2015

Using Bikeshare Datasets to Improve Urban Cycling Experience and Research Urban Cycling Behaviour

This chapter looks at methods for utilising datasets generated by bike share schemes to improve urban cycling experience and to research urban cycling behaviour.

Fri 11th Dec 2015

What is a cyclist?

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation examined what might make more people make the transition to using the bicycle as a means of transport.

Tue 8th Dec 2015

Activity-travel behaviour of non-workers belonging to different income group households in Bangalore

This study compares and contrasts the activity-travel behaviour of low, medium, and high-income group non-workers from Bangalore city.

Thu 3rd Dec 2015

Active Transportation by Transit-Dependent and Choice Riders and Potential Displacement of Leisure

Choice transit riders, who use transit and have a car, and dependent transit riders, who are limited to transit use, are compared for differences in active transport and leisure physical activity time.

Thu 3rd Dec 2015

Characteristics of approach pattern in car and bicycle collisions on Japanese roads

This study examined the detailed features of car–cyclist contact scenarios by studying near-miss scenarios captured by drive recorders installed in passenger cars.  The research showed the similarities of the contact situations between near-miss car-to-bicycle incidents and real-world fatal cyclist accidents.

Wed 2nd Dec 2015

Investigation of the Role of Pre-Transport in Travelers’ Transportation Mode Choice

The study used a stated preference experiment to collect data of travelers transportation mode choice and see which characteristics of the journeys affect transportation mode choice the most. Time and monetary cost related characteristics proved to be the most important in transportation mode choice.

Tue 1st Dec 2015

The Influence of Train Stations’ Environment on Travelers’ Origin Station Choice Behaviour

The purpose of this research is to determine the influence of the surrounding environment of train stations on Dutch travelers’ origin train station choice behavior.

Fri 27th Nov 2015

Parental fear: a barrier to the independent mobility of children

This three-year study (2012 to 2015) was initiated and funded by VicHealth and commissioned to La Trobe University and the Parenting Research Centre.  It addresses whether parental fear is a barrier to children’s independence and getting enough physical activity.

Thu 26th Nov 2015