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Impact of route type and transport mode on personal exposure to multiple air pollutants

The present study aimed to quantify how choice of mode and route type affects personal exposure to air pollutants during commuting.

Thu 29th Oct 2015

Designing bicycle infrastructure in Nanjing, China

This paper proposes a bicycle infrastructure design in Nanjing to encourage people to ride instead of drive.

Thu 15th Oct 2015

Exploring how recreational cycling promotes the quality of life of children treated for cancer

The objective of our longitudinal qualitative study was to explore how childhood cancer survivors' perceptions of QOL changed as a result of participating in unstructured recreational cycling for 3 months.

Thu 15th Oct 2015

Use of and short-term impacts of new cycling infrastructure in inner-Sydney, Australia

This paper describes the users of a new bicycle path in inner-Sydney, and examines its short-term impacts upon cycling behaviour and perceptions of the local environment.

Tue 6th Oct 2015

An Exploration of Bicyclist Comfort Levels Utilizing Crowdsourced Data

This research outlines unique analysis methods by which future researchers and transportation planners may explore crowdsourced data, and presents the first exploration of bicyclist comfort perception data crowdsourced using a smartphone application.

Thu 1st Oct 2015

Risk and Efficiency of Bicycle Paths

This article examines the economic value and risks associated with cycle path projects in the Czech Republic.

Wed 30th Sep 2015

Tracking global bicycle ownership patterns

This paper presents an effort to track household bicycle possession on a global scale by gathering survey data from 150 countries and extracting percentage household bicycle ownership values.

Wed 30th Sep 2015

Estimation of daily bicycle traffic volumes using sparse data

This research tackles the problem of missing cycling traffic volumes at count locations that potentially experience frequent sensor malfunctions during the year.

Thu 24th Sep 2015

Defining correlation between modal-split, infrastructure and mobility services with travel plans

The main objective of these studies was to reduce the problems caused by private car users and to promote sustainable mobility choices for target groups. The results of the projects showed, that travel plans are effective tools in order to solve mobility challenges in a sustainable way, but transportation infrastructure and services have strong effect on the success of travel plans.

Thu 24th Sep 2015

The mortality impact of bicycle paths and lanes related to physical activity, air pollution exposure

This paper explores the overall health impact of bicycle infrastructure provision, including not just road safety impacts, but also the population health impacts stemming from physical activity as well as cyclists’ exposure to air pollution.

Thu 24th Sep 2015