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Bicyclist Deaths Associated with Motor Vehicle Traffic — United States, 1975–2012

This report examines mortality trends among cyclists using national collision data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) for the period 1975–2012.

Wed 26th Aug 2015

Incidence and costs of bicycle-related traumatic brain injuries in the Netherlands

The aim of this population-based study was to assess the incidence and costs of bicycle-related TBI across various age groups, and in comparison to all bicycle-related injuries, to identify main risk groups for the development of preventive strategies.

Thu 13th Aug 2015

Effects of Bike Share Stations and Activity on System Membership and General Population Cycling

This study tests whether bike share systems have a contagion or spillover effect on propensity to start using the system and propensity to bicycle among the general population. 

Thu 13th Aug 2015

The Added Benefit of Bicycle Commuting on the Regular Amount of Physical Activity Performed

The study aims to disentangle whether bicycle commuting adds to or replaces other physical activities by comparing the physical activity performed by bicycle and motorised commuters.

Thu 6th Aug 2015

Methodology for identification of bicycle route networks in urban areas

This paper presents a proposed methodology for the identification of bicycle route networks in urban areas, in which undesirable traffic conditions perceived by bicyclists are minimized.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

Monitoring the safety of road infrastructure and cycling infrastructure

This report discusses a pilot study that was carried out to develop a monitoring network for safety performance indicators that measure two factors: the quality of the road infrastructure, and the quality of the cycling infrastructure.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

How does the spatial context shape conditions for car dependency?

This paper analyses how the spatial context shapes conditions for car dependency, specifically focusing on the case of the Netherlands.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

Research on Behavior Influence of Transfer between Urban Rail Transit and Public Bicycles

In this paper, factors such as individual characteristics and land use attributes were analysed to see how they influenced people’s usage of public bicycles.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

An Investigation into the Cultural Discourses of Velomobility

Based on semi-structured interviews with cyclists conducted in Paris, Zurich, Freiburg, Munich, Berlin, Groningen, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen, this paper examines the cultural discourses of velomobility that circulate in those cities.

Tue 4th Aug 2015

Does The Installation of Bicycle Boulevards Improve Residents’ Perceptions of Bicycling and Walking

This study aims to evaluate the effects of the traffic-calming infrastructure, bicycle boulevards, on improving residents’ perceptions of the bicycling and walking environment. 

Tue 4th Aug 2015