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Capital Region of Denmark Regional Cycling Report

The Centre for Regional Development in Denmark has released a report that provides an overview of cycling trends in the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

Thu 30th Jul 2015

Relationship between Locations of Facial Injury and the Use of Bicycle Helmets

The aim of this study is to review the protective effect of a bicycle helmet on each facial location systematically.

Wed 29th Jul 2015

Understanding How the Built and Social Environment Shapes Willingness and Ability to Cycle

This project looks at how earlier contexts, roles and experiences, as well as contemporary urban environments, shape the willingness and engagement of those over 50 to cycle.

Wed 29th Jul 2015

The Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative

This study sought to gather bicycle and pedestrian counts through a variety of methods.  The study installed and validated permanent automated sensors, used portable sensors for short duration counts and developed models for extrapolating counts.

Fri 24th Jul 2015

Evaluating the Economic Benefits of Nonmotorized Transportation

This report examines potential methods for evaluating the economic benefits from nonmotorized transportation investments, including commute cost savings for bicyclists and pedestrians, direct benefits to bicycle and tourism-related businesses, indirect economic benefits due to changing consumer behavior, and individual and societal cost savings associated with health and environmental benefits.

Thu 23rd Jul 2015

Environmental barriers and enablers to physical activity participation among rural adults

This Tasmanian study interviewed adults about their experiences of living in rural environments and factors that relate to physical activity participation, finding some similarities and some differences to their urban counterparts.

Thu 23rd Jul 2015

Active travel commuters report high levels of enjoyment from their commute

This study examines the association between self-reported enjoyment from the commute to work or study in an Australian inner city context, where different travel modes are readily available.

Wed 22nd Jul 2015

Australian cycling safety: casualties, crash types and participation levels

This paper presents an analysis of cycling safety in Australia. Topics included are: analysis of casualties by demographics; types of crash that result in cyclist injuries; andrecent trends in cycling participation.

Tue 21st Jul 2015

Denmark Regional Cycling Report

The Danish Regional Cycling Report provides key figures and knowledge about regional cycling trends and improves the ability for the government to monitor and influence developments in the area of cycling.

Fri 17th Jul 2015

A simulation tool for bicycle sharing systems in multimodal networks

This paper presents a methodology for modelling an urban transport system, integrating public bicycles in a multi-modal network.

Wed 15th Jul 2015